Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hands2Help - Drum Roll Please….. The Signup Giveaway Winner!

Hi, all!

Wow!  You all have really come through - we have a record number of participants in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge this year!  So far, seventy-two of you have signed up to participate, with many of you pledging more than one quilt!  Now, we all know life happens, and some of those quilts may not materialize, but your willingness to give of yourselves is amazing and I appreciate it so much!!!

We’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up, too!  You’ll want to pop by here each Sunday between now and June 8th to see what’s on tap - guest bloggers, check-ins so you can see all the beautiful quilts in progress - and in two weeks, on April 6th, you’ll get to Meet The Sponsors - the fabulous people and companies who want to thank you for your generous spirit!  

Because no post is complete with a pretty quilt in it….  ;-)
And speaking of companies who want to thank you - remember that C&T Publishing discount code I sent you?  Well, I found this on line today...

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So this would be a great time to make that 25% discount go even further!  It ends tomorrow, so check it out!

And now, because I know you’re all squirming in your seats to find out who won the signup giveaway...

The winner is...

Terri said...

2 for Happy Chemo - you all know why.
I am a follower!!!
Congratulations, Terri!  I’ll be contacting you by email soon!

Now - your assignment for next week?  Be prepared to link up about your favorite tip, tutorial, or tasty thing (recipe!).  It can be a link to a new or past blogpost on your own blog, a link to someone else’s blogpost that you’ve used and appreciated, or a link to a recipe you love.  It’s always fun to see what everyone posts, so join in and share your favorite(s) - you can link up more than once if you have more to share!

And now.   Ready.... set.....  GO!!  Make those quilts!!!



PS - Rhonda, you are my only no-reply blogger - so I can't respond to your request to sign up for the challenge!  Please email me directly at salliesue (at) clearwire (dot) net so I can send you some more information!


  1. I'm so happy for you Terri! I guess you're doing the happy dance!

  2. Congrats Terri!!!! YEAH I'm so happy for you! Sarah....I love that quilt eye it a top you made??

  3. Congratulations to Terri and thank you Sarah fro all the time you put into this.

  4. Congrats Terri ! Wonderful response to this great event.

  5. I won! I won! Thanks so much for the well wishes... the best part is the sweet way Sarah broke the news to me. Thanks Sarah!

  6. Congrats Terri! Wow, I LOVE that quilt photo, Sarah. Now I want to know the who/what/where about it!

  7. Congrats to Terri!! I missed the initial sign up but I'll definitely get at least one for each charity. I'm trying to do more than one for each, so with a little luck I might be able to get 2 for each - woohoo that would be great.

  8. Congratulations to Terri for winning and to you for getting so many quilters to join the challenge

  9. What? How did I miss the sign-ups? Darn. Well, congratulations, Terri!

  10. Hi, can I still sign up? I really would like to make a quilt for Quilt of Compassion.


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