Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - errr, Tuesday…..

Hi, all!

I have to confess, daylight savings time messes me up big time!  I sat down to write my MALM post last night and promptly fell asleep - only to wake up at 10:15 with my husband ready to go to bed.  So we'll just call this a little "spring forward" this week for my to-do list!  And if there are any weird typos in this post, it's because I managed to sew through my left index finger yesterday and it's really hard to type with a bandaid on your finger!  

So here's how last week's list went...

1. Quilt the baby top.
I didn't get this particular one quilted, but I did quilt another… This one is for a young woman in our group who is due any day now!  Brooke did the piecing on it - so pretty!

2.  Quilt a top for a woman with leukemia.
I cannot lie - I didn't quilt this one, Debbie did - and she did a lovely job with it!  The center of the top was donated to us by a woman who said she thought it was "too busy" - all lovely Kaffe Fassett fabrics!  Betty added the borders, including a pretty pink flange.  Then Debbie quilted it beautifully, with feathers in the border and flowers in some of the hexes, random meander everywhere else.  Nice!

3.  Quilt a top for a man with a serious heart condition.
I did not quilt that quilt yet, but instead quilted this one for a woman whose son was just deployed to Afghanistan.  (I had prepared this one for straight line quilting for the woman with leukemia, then found out she preferred more color - so quilted this one quickly for another need!)  Marie pieced this pretty top!

4.  Paint the Singer 99 case.
Done!!!  Next up is to take that pretty piece of laminated fabric you see in the throat and put a border around the case…

5.  Deconstruct 16 t-shirts for a commission quilt.
I did not get to this one at all….

6.  Write a Working Wednesday post.
Or this one….  :-(

7.  Write a post for the ministry blog.
However, I did do two new posts for the ministry blog!  One was a repeat of my Whoop Whoop Friday post about Pam's quilt, but the other was a couple of montage photos of the quilts we gave away in January and February - all 51 of them!

8.  Choose a pattern for a gift quilt.
I'm still working on this - I may actually give them the Swoon quilt I started last year on vacation - it might just be the kick in the pants I need to finish that one!

9.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.
Done!  I've also worked on a quilt for a serviceman with PTSD, another deployment quilt for a young wife, and a quilt for a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Pictures of those will be forthcoming - just not yet!  A couple of them are still in the wash…

And on a very happy note, my husband surprised me and took care of an item that was on my list a couple of weeks ago…

He hung the shelves in my studio!!  What a guy!!  I still need to decide what to put on them - he just put some stuff he found lying around.  I have no idea where that batt came from!

And now for this week…

1.  Straight-line quilt the camo Hunter's Star quilt.

2.  Custom quilt the butterfly quilt.

3.  Straight-line quilt the baby star quilt.

4.  Deconstruct the t-shirts.

5.  Put the laminated border on the Singer 99 case.

6.  Cut the pieces for two baby granny-square quilts.

7.  Write a Working Wednesday post.

8.  Write the post for the H2H signups!  This Sunday, y'all!!

9.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.

Whew!  That should keep me busy!!  At least I won't be getting in trouble…  yeah, right!  

And for those of you who enjoy seeing pictures of the princesses, here's one for you!  I had both of them yesterday, and it's so sweet to see them play together.  Lilli is absolutely the BEST big sister - she's patient and sweet and just loves Emmy to pieces!   

And Emmy is getting ready to turn two - her newest word is "mine" and her newest sign is rubbing her hand in the center of her chest, which means "my turn"!  It should be interesting to see how her terrible twos turn out!  Little Miss Personality….

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. You and your friends have been busy! I love how just because one person did not like a top, does not mean another person won't!

  2. More lovely quilts - love seeing them. You need to have a class with your group on straight line quilting (even using the serpentine) with a walking foot - Someone else may enjoy taking up that part of the quilting.

  3. Love the quilts this week... love that H2H is coming. I'm finishing a second top for the event. I've gotta start early. Got a granddaughter marrying quilt to make by June 17.

  4. Sorry about your finger. I caught mine on the needled of my treadle last Friday, as I was cleaning and oiling it, and packing it up for the quilt show. Not fun!. That 99 is cute! Looks like my Spartan more than my 99.

  5. What a lovely week you have planned. I have cut the fabrics for a quilt for a young lady whose Grandmother gave me the majority of the fabrics I am using. They'll both be pleased i think and surprised too. I saw a simple pattern of vertical rows of varying widths then sewn together. Without a design wall it's a bit of challenge but I expect that laying it out on my bed will be ok too.


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