Monday, March 24, 2014

Make A List Monday - Time for a little R&R!

Hi, all!

Well, I'm down to the wire - headed for the beach this Friday for spring break with my husband and our daughter and her family!  But that means I need to get to work figuring out what projects to take with me for sewing during our off-beach times.  I think this time I'll be working on some things my daughter can use for fundraising, so it's time to raid the stash! 

Before we get started, I need your opinion on which of these two border fabrics looks better


They both work with the appliquéd blocks, but I can't decide if my favorite is just because I'm a total hippie at heart!   So please tell me what you think!!  I have four of the pretty appliquéd blocks (can you believe someone was throwing them away?) and that nice pink to do sashing and a stop border around the four.  This will be a small baby girl's quilt.

And now, let's see how I did on last week's list.

1.  Deconstruct the t-shirts for the commission quilt.
Done!  The shirts are ready to be ironed onto the interfacing and cut into blocks!

2.  Put together at least one of the pink and gray baby quilts.
Done!  I finished this one early this morning and I like it so much, I'm going to make another one for the fundraiser.  Vacation project #1!

3.  Put together a test pieced flimsy to test out Jolene's quilting with.
Done!  And boy, did we quilt the heck out of that test piece!

4.  Work on Jolene's timing with a friend.
Done!  And Miss Jo is back in fine form!!

5.  Quilt two quilts for ministry needs.
Done!  Before Jolene was fixed, I quilted this pretty pink and black quilt on the machine at church for a woman with breast cancer…

…and this very manly patchwork quilt for a gentleman with cancer.

6.  Contact all the H2H participants for their contact info.
Everyone's been contacted, but I haven't heard back from some of them yet.  Seventy-five participants so far!  Woohoo!!

7.  Draw a winner for the giveaway (a lot more complicated than it seems, unfortunately!)
Done! Lucky Terri in California won the signup giveaway!  If you've never seen her blog before, you ought to check it out - she does amazing paper piecing!

8.  If Jolene gets fixed, try to quilt at least two more quilts for the ministry.
Done!  I've actually quilted four more quilts…

This one is going to a man who is having difficulty recovering from an angiogram and other heart issues…

An elderly gentleman with a bunch of health issues should be cheered up by this beauty…

A lovely lady who just had brain surgery will be enjoying this one…

And this one is going to a man with a serious brain injury. 

9. Keep up with all ministry needs that arise.
Done and listed above!

So last week's list went pretty well!  This week will be a bit different - so much to do to get ready for vacation - but plenty of quilting too!  So here goes…

1.  Quilt the pink and gray baby quilt.

2.  Quilt another top for a baby girl.

3. Quilt one man's and one woman's top to leave for any ministry needs that arise next week.

4.  Cut kits to take on vacation.

5.  Clean up the house a bit so the house sitter doesn't run away screaming!

6.  Work on the Swoon blocks for an upcoming wedding gift.

7.  Iron the interfacing on the t-shirts.

8.  Write a giveaway blogpost for Friday!  It's a good one, too - be sure to check it out!!

9.  Prepare blogposts to go live while I'm on vacation.

10.  Keep up with any ministry needs that arise.

I think that's more than enough to keep me busy and out of trouble, don't you?  #6 and #7 may fall by the wayside this week if I run out of time, and #9 may be hard to do if my internet service doesn't improve, but I'm going to try to get to it all!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. The first option (white with the little fairies) is my favorite! It's adorable!!! I'm trucking away at our wedding quilt this week, and going out to buy fabric for my H2H quilt tomorrow (YAY!). I've decided I will make a bit more traditional quilt for a teen/woman. :)

    Have fun at the beach!!!!

  2. well I always work on more than one thing at a time - hand quilting continues on POTC, hand piecing hexies, applique circles to Granny's Got Style and if I have time start to cut out the applique pieces for Floral Fantasy - all that should keep me busy.
    #1 for your border is cute! but I like #2 better

  3. #1for your border. I love the fairies and pink. All your quilts are pretty. Make sure you also have fun on your vacation and get some rest.

  4. The yellow for sure! Maybe I am just not into pink but the other is just too much pink! lol Love the yellow.

  5. I like the one with the little garden fairies on it!

  6. I love the first option with the fairies. I just looked natural with it and the pattern on it kind of repeated the pattern on the block. So cute! Have a nice vacation!

  7. I like the first border option. It seems to compliment the blocks. Have a wonderful vacation.

  8. oh the yellow, the yellow... provides contrast and brightens up the quilt. Kathleen

  9. While the little fairies is cute, I think it washes it out - gotta love dots and I think it gives a better framing. Remember to breath sweetie.

  10. I really like the fairies for the border too, but if you have enough of it, I think it would be even better to use it as the backing.

    I have one of my H2H quilt tops loaded on my frame, let the quilting begin. I'll be posting photos to your Flickr page soon.

  11. Absolutely the yellow! That bit of contrast really brightens the whole thing up.

  12. I am glad Jolene is fixed. I am sure you are too.

  13. I am totally in love with the pink and gray baby quilt! The colors are so soft and lovely. My niece is expecting twins and I think I'll use your quilt as my inspiration if I may. As for the border question, put me in the 'white with fairies' camp. Have a wonderful vacation!

  14. I almost missed it! Just now signed up for H2H.

  15. I think the yellow #2 is my favorite. Yet I agree the pink fairy one would make a great backing. Enjoy yourself!

  16. I like the yellow as the cuff/edge. The other one just doesn't pop out like the yellow one does! Good luck!

  17. Good luck on your list this week, Sarah, and have fun with your family.
    Love the quilts given by the ministry. You, ladies, are so amazing and generous.
    I vote for the pink and green print. I do like the yellow too, but it seems to over power the applique.

  18. # 1 is adorable. Have a great time at the beach.

  19. I like the yellow fabric for the border.
    So happy that Jolene is fixed : )
    Hope you have a nice vacation.

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  21. I hope it's not to late to comment on the border options - I definitely prefer the pink. The yellow doesn't seem to relate as much to the blocks, to me.

  22. This may be a bit late, but I like the yellow. While the fairies fabric is adorable, I think the yellow border gives the quilt a nice pop of color. Either way will be gorgeous though.


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