Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's On The Bookshelf Wednesday - Purple Rocks!

Hi, all!

Welcome to What's On the Bookshelf Wednesday!  This will be the last one of these for a while - I've managed to go through all the books on my bookshelf, so it seems like a good time to stop.  I've enjoyed re-visiting all those books, and I've found many new projects to work on in the process.  And today, we're going to finish off a series of books I've reviewed previously  - with Purple by Vanesa Christensen!

I absolutely love this series of books, and Purple was the perfect book to cap it off.  I've talked before about all the color theory in these books, and Purple has a great section dealing with all of that.  But my favorite part of this book?

There are some amazing projects in this book!  It has some tried-and-true basic quilting made punchy with curves...

But it also branches out into some different techniques, such as Cathedral Windows, which I've always wanted to try!

There's also a lovely quilt made with paper piecing, and a great tutorial introducing you to the technique.  

But my favorite quilt by far is this beautiful quilt using Flying Geese - it's a wonderful experiment in color theory, utilizing the lessons learned in the theory section to combine colors with purple for a stunning result!

As always, the patterns in this book can be adapted to different colors - which makes them very useful indeed!  All six books are now available and make a great (and beautiful) addition to any bookshelf!


So that's what's on my bookshelf today!  I hope you'll remember to check out your own bookshelf often and find the hidden jewels on it.

And starting next week, there will be a new feature on Wednesdays - a scrap challenge designed to help us all get our scrap stash under control and into our quilts!  I hope you'll join me - I'm looking forward to it!




  1. I'm pretty late to this Bookshelf party, but you inspired me to go back and look through some of mine. Especially when they were ones you reviewed. That said, I'm very much looking forward to the scrap adventures!

  2. This one (a few of the Nifty Nines, in fact) just BEGS to be strip-pieced. FAR fewer itty-bitty bits! You may convince me to venture into NPs yet, Sarah!


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