Monday, February 15, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - Take It Easy!! (HA!)

Hi, all!

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day!  I know for us, the high point was the return of The Walking Dead - funny how something like that can get under your skin!  I never would have thought I would look forward to a show about zombies, but I'm so glad it's back.  As my husband said, we had our own little Pride, Prejudice and Zombies last night, watching Downton Abbey AND The Walking Dead!  But here's a peek at my three favorite little valentines - 

Lilli as Elsa...
Emmy as Elsa... (you should have heard her perform!)

And Nathanael as our very own IronMan!
He was much more excited when he saw his picture...
But enough about that - let's take a look at how last week's list went.  I haven't looked at it all week, so this should be interesting!

1.  Work on a new commission job - two weighted blankets.
In progress!  I've got both blankets ready to sew the backing piece on and then stitch the lines that will create the pockets.  But to get to that point, I had to cut up fifteen yards of muslin - and that's a LOT of muslin!

2.  Keep working on the secret gift quilt.
Hooray!  The top is done, and I've started working on the back.  Here's a peek at the top - with some sunflowers hiding the incriminating info on this picture!  I'll have a full reveal after this commission job is delivered and gifted.

3.  Keep working on the fifth Nifty Nines quilt top.
Still in progress, but coming along! 

And I'm even making some little "bonus" triangles along with this quilt top - I have so many ideas of what to do with these!

4.  Contact more potential sponsors for Hands2Help.
Oops - haven't gotten to this!  I keep falling asleep when I sit on the sofa at night - except for last night during Downton and TWD!

5.  Write the tutorial for the third Nifty Nines quilt.
Done, and posted here - the easiest quilt EVER!  You can get PDFs of all three tutorials by leaving your email address in a comment requesting them.

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
This was pretty easy this week - we only had one request.

This quilt went to a gentleman who was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw.

So, not perfect, but not too bad!  Considering how many irons I've got in the fire right now, I think I did pretty good.  So let's see what's up for this week...

1.  Finish the two weighted blankets.

2.  Make the back for the secret gift quilt.

3.  Finish the fifth Nifty Nines quilt top.

4.  Choose the design for the sixth and final Nifty Nines top.

5.  Contact potential sponsors for the Hands2Help Challenge.

6.  Write the tutorial for the fourth Nifty Nines quilt top.

7.  Bind four ministry quilts.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Whew!  More than enough to keep me out of trouble!  


So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Love your blog! Nice to see I'm not the only quilter that loves the walking dead!

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  3. Abraham tough. Who's Negan? Bahahahaha!

  4. I am working on enjoying my time with my daughter - we went on a 10 mile walk/run today, so now my knee is in a brace and being iced...the joints don't like that long a walk with no prep!! Maybe I'll take the 2 mile walk to the beach in a couple of days...that makes everything better, right? I have 5 more weeks with her and I want to explore the new place she's living for the next few years!!!

  5. Is it too late to ask for a pdf of the last Nifty Nines layer cake tutorial? I got behind reading.

  6. Could I get a PDF copy of the Nifty Nines quilt? Thank you. Enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful

  7. I would love PDF's of all three of your 9 patch quilts. They are so wonderful. I'm looking forward to a time that my life CALMS down so I can actually sew for a while.

  8. I cut out and sewed most of your last Nifty Nines quilt at Quilts of Valor on Tuesday. I couldn't finish because my tendinitis started acting up.

  9. please send me pdf of this pattern

  10. Please send me the PDF pattern for the dissappearing nine patch! I have the material ready!!! I'm excited to start. please and thank you


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