Monday, April 18, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - Crunch Time!!!

Hi, all!

I sure hope your weekend was as GORGEOUS as ours was!  It was, absolutely, hands down, the prettiest spring weekend I've seen in years.  And we managed to do just the right amount of yard work - not too much, not too little - so we feel virtuous, but we can still move!  There's still more to do, but we made a start.  How about you?

I got a lot done last week on the quilting front, too - let's see how the list went!

1.  A secret project to go along with Wednesday's blogpost.
Done!  Lisa C. was the first winner of the "Scrap Whisperer" title - I think this will be an ongoing thing on the "I May Have A Scrap Problem..." posts!  She won this pretty pincushion...

2.  Quilt at least three more of the quilt tops for the special project.
Done!   I actually quilted FIVE quilts last week, and did the binding too!  I can only show you four, though - one is a gift!

You might recognize these quilts - they are four of the Nifty Nines quilts that I shared earlier this year!

3.  Work on the orange peel blocks.
In progress!  I have made a lot of orange peel segments, now I just need to get them appliquéd to blocks!

4.  Mail the prizes from last Wednesday's giveaway.
Done!  Mailed and received, and I hope being enjoyed!

5.  Meet with a friend to help her create her very special scrap quilt.
Done!  I think we've got her started on the right path to have a successful quilting experience!

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

This quilt went to the friend I met with this week - she is battling cancer for the second time, and this quilt will hopefully remind her of all the people who are praying for her...

This quilt went to the parents of a two year old girl who just had brain surgery.  It will be something they can wrap up in during long nights in the hospital to feel God's love and care.

We also sent a really cute quilt for the little girl, but I can't find the picture of it anywhere!  Bummer!!

And this quilt went to an elderly woman whose husband died earlier this month.  Our prayer is that it will bring her some comfort in her time of grief and loss.

I also made two more tops for the big project - I'll be sharing those more later this week, I'm sure!  

OK, so not too bad a week!  I wish I had managed to do more on the orange peel blocks, but getting those quilts done was more important.  Here's what's on the schedule for this week...

1.  Make three more tops for the big project.

2.  Put together some orange peel blocks.

3.  Finish pressing and folding the blue scrap tub.

4.  Mail some scrap bundles, prizes and quilts.

5.  Write a book review to be posted Tuesday.

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

7.  Go to the AQS Show in Paducah and have fun!!!

Yes, that's right - it's QuiltWeek in Paducah!  I'll be going up on Friday with some friends and spending the night, then coming back late Saturday afternoon.  If you're going to be there too be sure to let me know - maybe we can meet up!! It's always fun to meet blog-friends in real life!

So that's my plan for this week - it's an awfully busy week outside of my studio, with two mornings with the little grandkids, a cut-and-color with my hairdresser, sewing at church on Thursday morning and an event for my husband's work Thursday night - so I don't know how much of this I'll get done, but as long as the last four get done, I'll be ok.  

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Yup. You always just amaze me with what you manage to accomplish. Good on you!

  2. Just fabulous work! Love your lists and how you work thru them. I am glad you have scheduled some ME time - you deserve it.

  3. Your weekly accomplishments are amazing. Happy that you're going to Paducah, I'd love to see that show one of these years - enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous quilt finishes! What an amazing amount of work you got done! I have dreamed of going to Paducah. Not sure it will ever happen but it's a fun dream :-)

  5. gee sarah, you should try to keep for me I UNPACKED nearly 50 boxes and put away most everything, basted a found little quilt, pinned binding on my bed-size Hawaiian, so you can see I'm way behind...LOL...thanks for inspiring me to SEW MORE!

  6. What an exciting week you have planned! I love that you get to go to Paducah. That's still on my list of someday.

  7. Our weather has been so pretty, it's not hot yet so we're enjoying it as much as possible. Two custom quilts done, one was an orange peel which could be the prettiest quilt I've ever made, one more to go but right now I'm working on a special project for a friend.

  8. Such pretty quilts - can't wait to hear more about your big project. I'd love to meet up with you in Paducah! I'll be in the AQS Author Showcase in the Pavilion (a.k.a. the bubble) on Saturday from 10-12 if you care to stop by.


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