Monday, September 25, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Not Enough Hours in the Day...

Hi, all!

Welcome to a brand new week!  I love the feel of a new week - on Sunday when I update my wall calendar, I see all the opportunities ahead and it makes me smile.  How about you?

I feel like I had a really good week last week - but let's compare it to the list and see how it went...

1.  Finish three more pieces for the Free Spirit Fabric project.
Done!  I can't show any of them right now, but stick around for next Tuesday for the big reveal!!

2.  Make some pillow covers for a project for church.
Done!  And I also made some Christmas pillowcases for the same project.  Here's what I've been working on...

I'm having a ton of fun digging through my stash and finding some long lost treasures to work with! (And using up a LOT of the Christmas fabric stash!)

3. Keep working pillowcases for A Heart For Texas.
Wow is this going well!  We've got more than 500 pillowcases already and more arriving every day, plus more than twenty quilt.  Our mission team will be leaving on Sunday for Texas, so we'll start packing them up this week.

4. Photograph, count and tag donations for A Heart For Texas.
This has been keeping us busy, but the very best kind of busy!

5.  Quilt a special quilt for the quilt ministry.
I still didn't get to this one...

6.  Work on replenishing the stock of finished quilts for the quilt ministry.
I did manage to quilt one for the ministry this week.

7.  Start work on a new commission t-shirt quilt.
Supplies are on order!

8.  Make a donation block for Michael Miller Fabrics.
Done!  I'm happy to have this one off my plate.  It's the one on the right - the other is for my Gypsy Wife quilt.

9.  Start planning the photo shoot for the upcoming Free Spirit Fabric post.
I'm still looking for just the perfect spot for this shoot - I really wish the leaves would start turning!

10.  Start posting some quilts on Facebook for The Great Quilt Destash!
Bad on me - I haven't done this one yet!

11.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  This quilt went to a woman going into rehab after surgery...

...and these two went to sisters who lost their mom this week.

This quilt went to a family that suffered a devastating loss this week - their adult daughter was killed in a car accident.


So, while I didn't get everything on the list done, I did get a bunch done.   And I got to spend some fun time with these three munchkins...

And here's what I'm hoping to get done this week...

1.  Make the next block for the Gypsy Wife quilt.

2.  Label and pack up all the pillowcases to go with the mission team to Texas.

3.  Keep working on pillow covers for the project for church.

4.  Quilt a quilt for the project for church.

5.  Photo shoot for the Free Spirit Fabric project.

6.  Post quilts for the Great Quilt Destash.

7.  Work on the commission t-shirt quilt.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

I have a feeling I'm forgetting something important, but if so, I'll squeeze it in somehow!  

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Quilt ministry, do you ever have tears as you finish a quilt and have it ready for someone with sadness, illness or huge grief in their life? I think I would, and the pillowcases, they will be so welcome,

  2. I know you said you didn't get to everything last week, but it seems like you got all of the important things done. Including spending time with those three funny faces. Amazing response on the pillow cases. They should brighten a lot of faces.

  3. I got 14 sewing machines put back up (after my demo this weekend) and, I got the last of the pillowcases and quilts, so that I can finish packing them up, and get them shipped out to your church.

  4. Love the beehive cushions! Good luck on the destash on FB. How do you sell on FB?

    For me, I've almost finished sewing a queen-sized commissioned quilt together. Will finish that tonite and then dig out backing fabric for it. And am in the midst of sewing the binding down on another quilt that will be sold. And am getting ready to start basting a UFO so I can get it quilted and then up for sale.

  5. I like your Bee blocks! I fell in love with that fabric and it is waiting for me to get with the program. I am now ready to get back to quilting after 2 carpal tunnel surgeries this summer. You do so much for Charity! Good for you!

  6. You certainly got a lot done!!! Like those bee blocks, so cute. I did a quilt this summer for a good cause. I need to do more. hugs, lj

  7. same old threesome...QOV, potholders and orange mod

  8. 1) Finish piecing blocks and hopefully put together the center of my Toy Story quilt. 2) Gather my fabrics for the Splash of Color QAL. You always impress me with what you accomplish. Happy sewing! Andrea

  9. Your little roasting peppers sure are cute and growing up fast. Pretty quilts, too.

  10. Sarah...I am always inspired by your devotion and genwreosity!!! Your weekly missions are amazing and life inspiring!


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