Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I May Have a Scrap Problem... Progress!

Hi, all!

I am feeling so excited at busting some stash this week!  It's such a good feeling to see progress.  It's not scraps - at least not most of it - but it is some long-held stash bits and pieces, usually a yard or less.  

But first, here's my Gypsy Wife block for the week - actually two of them this time!

This block is called "Puss In The Corner" - a traditional block - but one I hadn't ever tried before.  It was quick and easy, and it was so much fun to pick out the fabrics!  I really love these Kate Spain Latitude batiks...

And now for my stash busting...  I dipped into my Christmas fabric stash and made eighteen pillowcases...

...and then I made these two pillow covers using some of the smaller pieces that were left over from the pillowcases!  

I found the embroidered centers stashed away in a drawer and they were just perfect for this project!  I did have to go to the store and buy a piece for the backings (I used all my yardage in the pillowcases!) and for the bindings (because I really couldn't pass up that red and white stripe!) but since my Christmas fabric shelf now looks like this...

...I don't feel so guilty!  I wish I had taken a "before" shot - it would have shown two stacks of folded yardage literally stuffed in there so tight I couldn't put in one more piece.  It's certainly much better now!

I also found a Halloween charm pack I won a couple of years ago stashed away in a drawer, and cut it into 2.5" squares and made these three cute pillows!  I had so much fun with these (and sold them right away!) that I ordered more Halloween fabric to make some more!

So it's been a fruitful week for sewing my stash and using up some things that would have hit the scrap bin!


I also found some great pins and Instagram pics for inspiration this week, too!  

absolutely love this quilt, and it's so so simple!  Just 4-patch blocks alternated with squares, and all scrappy.  I want to make a king size version of this RIGHT NOW!!!

And here's another great idea from the Queen of Scrap herself, Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts.  I love this bag for its fabulous use of the sweet little pieces you just can't bear to throw away, and the straight line quilting gives it so much texture!

Now here's another simple idea and a great use for scraps - 9-patch blocks alternated with snowball blocks...

And this quilt is another design by Amanda Jean Nyberg, called The Remainders quilt.  All those tiny half square triangles I've been hoarding would be perfect for this, and I could pair them with the bolt of silver Kona I bought earlier this year....

So that's what I've been doing to tame the scrap/stash monster this week!  I'm going to give myself a little pat on the back because I've been trying to whittle down that Christmas fabric yardage for a long time now, and maybe I can eke out a few more pillowcases from what's left Then it will be time to open up that plastic tub and cut all of it into patchwork squares... but that's a job for another day!

How's your little scrap monster doing?  Are you feeding him, or is he on a  diet?




  1. My scraps are still in boxes, I did cut some into strips, nicely laid out in their 2 inch, 3 inch sizes. The bag with straight line quilting is lovely.

  2. Your post was great showing progress on using up fabrics. The scrap monster put a big ole smile on my face.

  3. it is an on going battle to use the scraps! but I keep on using them I feel I will never empty the boxes completely though :)

  4. My scraps are going into small pouches for Christmas presents. So fun figuring out how to arrange them. But that bag up there!! I have the perfect pieces for that. 5"x2.5" that I can cut in half and sew back together!!! Who would think that's fun? Only every quilter!!!

  5. You really made a dent in that Christmas fabric! And all to be enjoyed by folks who can use a bright spot. Meanwhile, I've had my eye on that lovely 4-patch you showed for some time. I need to start digging around for fabrics and then I can figure out what more I might need. Alas, probably not until after the holidays for me.

  6. Love the Halloween pillows. I've been using my scraps and making a color book for a niece.

  7. I'm working on Kevin the Quilter's Mystery scrap quiltalong. Most of my scraps are larger.

  8. Everything I am working on right now is made from scraps. I am being called the scrap lady by my fellow quilters. Oh dear.

  9. Woman, you have been busy! I love your pillows, and thanks for the inspiring pins. My scrap stash is sitting quietly as I've been busy catching up on writing patterns!

  10. I loved all the inspirations this post had. Your pillowcases were a great way to use up Christmas stash quickly, and the pins gave me more ideas. Now if only I could find the time to do them. I'm working on 3 QOV quilts now using only scraps and some stash (for borders). After these, it's back to the really scrappy projects.

  11. You must be kin to the energizer bunny! I am amazed at how much you get done in a week. Love your pillows and pillow cases.

  12. I've been eyeing that Amanda Jean bag forever. I really should just make it. I enjoy following your progress each week, Sarah. You are one productive quilter! Thanks for sharing!


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