Monday, September 18, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Waiting To Get Caught Up!

Hi, all!  

I'm happy to say I survived the weekend, and the local quilt show is behind me now!  That's a huge load off my plate, but now I've got more projects to concentrate on.  I don't know about you, but the fall is such a busy time for me!  Sometimes it's hard to wrap my brain around everything that needs to be done, but my Monday list really helps!  So let's see how last week's list went.

1.  Put maker/state tags on all the donated pillowcases and quilts as they come in.
Done!  At least, up to today's mail, which I haven't picked up yet.  The current count is over 400 pillowcases and 9 quilts!  A lovely group of ladies from Crossville, TN drove over Friday to deliver 102 pillowcases they made. Isn't that amazing?  Six more boxes came in today, so that number should rise dramatically tomorrow after I check them in. 

2.  Make pillowcase kits to be used on Wednesday night and at our hands-on ministry area at our small-town festival this weekend.
Done!  We had a great time in our hands-on area, even though it was quiet because the weather outside was so good.  Here's a pic of one maker with her pillowcase.  It was her first time at a sewing machine, and she loved it so much, she and her mom were going to go find her one to use at home!

3.  Finish preparations for the quilt show this weekend.
Done!  Unfortunately, I was so busy Saturday I didn't get any pictures!  Bummer....

4.  Finish piecing the quilt top for the Free Spirit Fabric project.
Done!  And not only pieced, but completely finished!  Here's a teaser shot - the full reveal will be on 10/3!

5.  Quilt a top for a friend.

6.  Quilt tops for Stash Builder Box's September donation.
Done!  These three tops were all pieced by Joyce L., a fellow Heart Builder!

7.  Quilt tops for the quilt ministry to replenish our stock on hand.
I didn't get to this one, but after all, there are only so many hours in a week!

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done! Only one this week - this one is going to a gentleman suffering from multiple health issues...

So that was last week.  Let's see if I can wrap my brain around what I need to do this week...

1.  Finish three more pieces for the Free Spirit Fabric project.

2.  Make some pillow covers for a project for church.

3. Keep working pillowcases for A Heart For Texas.

4. Photograph, count and tag donations for A Heart For Texas.

5.  Quilt a special quilt for the quilt ministry.

6.  Work on replenishing the stock of finished quilts for the quilt ministry.

7.  Start work on a new commission t-shirt quilt.

8.  Make a donation block for Michael Miller Fabrics.

9.  Start planning the photo shoot for the upcoming Free Spirit Fabric post.

10.  Start posting some quilts on Facebook for The Great Quilt Destash!

11.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

See what I mean about it never slowing down?  But at least the push of the quilt show is out of the way.  I made some good progress on things today and have a nice quiet week to knock some things out this week!

So now the question is - - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Every photo tells a wonderful story, and a wee lady with a pillowcase, beautiful.

  2. You are one whirlwind with all that you do and accomplish :)! I'm my own little quilt guild when it comes to baby quilts for our local hospital - so that is what I'm hoping to work on today using the free pattern given out by Fat Quarter Shop! Love how someone else is ready to get a sewing machine and join the fun after making just one pillowcase - wonderful!

  3. I've been working on quilting and finishing up some of the critter quilt tops that I've been making. First one done, and the second just needs the binding and they are ready to sell. Have also been cutting up scraps strips for more scrappy critter quilts. =)

    Gotta ask tho - what is the great quilt destash? And the donation block for Michael Miller Fabrics?

  4. You are one busy lady! I love to see what you've accomplished, and what you are planning to get done. It inspires me to keep working on things! Thanks, Sarah!

  5. I wish I could accomplish half of what you do and I would be pleased, I'm making a list of things to let go of in my blogging world, old patterns and books I'll never use, and just stuff I have set up to do which never accomplished any thing for myself or others. Thus getting rid of some STRESS and ANXIOUSNESS.
    1. sandwiching, quilting and binding a baby quilt.
    2. cutting out patterns for a bear, rabbit and
    Scottie dog.

    That should take care of this week for me. And enable me to accomplish more for others and enjoy myself. Ya think?

  6. It's bag making for me for the fore seeable future. Bag It 2017 is taking place and I plan to get Christmas present done via this Sew Along!

  7. I've been sewing binding!!! I've done 5 and have 4 more to go!


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