Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I May Have a Scrap Problem... Progress on Gypsy Wife!

Hi, all!

As I sit here writing, I'm looking out at a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. We leave for home tomorrow, and while I've had a great time on vacation, I'm ready to get home to my own studio!  I've got a massive short term project coming up and it's been hard to coordinate long-distance - I'll be glad to get to where all my things are again.  More about that project in a few!

But for right now, here's the next block for my Gypsy Wife quilt...

This one is called Crazy Anne.  I didn't make mine quite as crazy, because I really liked the look of the big fat spinning pinwheel.  So this is my own personal little "sparkle" in this quilt!  Once again, these fabrics are from Kate Spain's Latitude line of batiks.

And as promised, here are all five of the blocks I've made together in one place!  I really think I'm going to love this quilt!!


And now for that massive short term project!  Somehow the idea of our quilt ministry group at church making pillowcases for Texas has morphed into a pillowcase drive, which is awesome!!!  I've been blown away by how many people want to help, and thankfully our church is GREAT about accepting the many ways our members want to minister to others, so they are helping us get them distributed in Texas!  So if you want to help with the drive, go check out the details in this blogpost.  It's a great and really easy way to help someone in need, and it's also a great way to use up some of that stash that's been hanging around!  Each pillowcase takes slightly more than one yard of fabric, and I don't know about you, but I've got a bunch of pieces that will be perfect for this!  


Keep plugging away at those scraps, and I'll be back next week with a more normal scrappy post!  See you then!




  1. your gypsy wife blocks are progressing well. The pillowcase challenge has taken off wonderfully. Safe journey home

  2. Happy to send pillowcases & quilts.
    Hoping you will consider a Christmas stocking drive too.

  3. Your gypsy block is s stunning! Thank you for the link to the pillowcase drive,

  4. Your Gypsy Wife blocks are awesome. The quilt is going to be gorgeous!!
    thanks for the pillowcase project!!

  5. I got 2 calls last night, from ladies in one of my guilds. The head of philanthropy is giving 40 quilts and numerous pillowcases, and another lady has lots of pillowcases, and a friend gave me the extra pillowcases from our other guild. I still have 2 guild meetings to pick up more. Woohoo!

  6. Love those Gypsy Wife blocks! Won't be able to get a pillowcase done since I'm gone until after the 18th. Great idea, though -- I hope you get a good response!

  7. I love how your ministry says not just "Yes," just "Of course, YES!!" Thank you to all of them!!


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