Friday, January 26, 2018

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? A Pair of Quilt Tops...

Hi, all!

It's hard to believe, but Friday has rolled around again, and you know what that means - it's time to get our whoop whoop on!!  I honestly don't know where this week went, but I've been doing a lot of sewing - some I can share now, some that will have to wait for a little while.  So let's get started!


I have had the joy and pleasure of making a pair of t-shirt memory quilts for a customer this week.  Her sister died recently and she wanted to use her t-shirts to recall the wonderful memory of her life.

I only finished the tops this week - quilting will have to wait for a few days because I have other time-sensitive projects - but I love the way they turned out!   

And I just noticed I put the "Texas" blocks in the same place on each quilt!   These will be quilted in the next few days and off to their new home.


My scrap bucket is STILL empty!  I've kept up with cutting up all my "daily" scraps all month and I feel like I've developed a new habit - let's hope I can keep it up after January!


You may notice the two new buttons in the right sidebar - one for this year's pre-Hands2Help quilt-along, Scrumptious Scraps, and another for this year's Hands2Help Challenge!  

You can grab either or both if you want and add them to your own blog (the HTML code is in the little box underneath each button) to help spread the word!  And I just checked and there are already four people signed up for this year's Challenge!  Scrumptious Scraps starts this coming Sunday (January 28th) so be sure to check back in...

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop???


And now it's your turn!

What's making you whoop it up this week?

What got you doing a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you!

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!




  1. The memory blocks and finished tops are lovely, and a treasure forever.

  2. Great finishes! I love how precious memory quilts are, and she had really fun t-shirts too.

  3. The memory t-shirt quilts are looking great! You have been busy, again!

  4. The T-shirt quilts look great. So special.

  5. What great memory quilts! And your scrap cutting is inspirational!

  6. I just started working on another tshirt quilt using a random layout - seems to be my style! I've added both buttons to my blog and I'll be signing up for H2H for sure!!! Can't wait for the QAL, I've kind of stalled on my Jan scrap project :-(

  7. Those T shirt tops look great, Sarah! It's wonderful that you're able to use your quilting talents to bring comfort to a grieving family.

  8. Those quilts look great Sarah! I have saved tshirts up to make one... one day... ! xx

  9. Two t-shirt quilts...well done. I provided a quote to a customer for two, but she didn't like the price. Oh well.

  10. I noticed the TX blocks right away! Good for you doing two T-shirt quilts in one week! It would take me months to do one, IF I were ever to do another, which I’m not!

  11. Your memory quilts came out so pretty! Love those cornerstones! Congratulations on keeping your scrap bucket empty! I'm off to check out your two new button blogs! Thank you for hosting!

  12. The memory quilts came out great! And yeah for empty scrap buckets.....wish I could say the same thing. (they just need to be sorted and put away because I don't precut them.) Thanks for the blog buttons will be grabbing at least one of them and maybe both. =)

  13. I'll have to check out the scraps challenge. It sounds fun.

    You have done a lovely job on the tshirt quilts. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it because I just can't enjoy working with those knits even backing them with stabilizer. A simple quilt can actually be challenging with those stretchy pieces.

  14. I really like how the black sashings and red corner stones work with all the T-shirts. I'm sure these quilts will be real treasures. I admire your effort to tame the scraps personally and in your community. It looks like you are winning!

  15. Yeah, these look great in the black sashing with the red pops. I can't cut-as-I-go with my scraps, because I use my scraps in a very wide variety of projects with unpredictable size/shape needs, from scrappy piecework to applique.


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