Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I May Have a Scrap Problem... January Results and February Goal

Hi, all!

It's hard to believe, but we've already plowed through the first month of the year, and the first month of Scrap Attack 2018!  

At the beginning of January, I drew out my first monthly task, and I have to say, it wasn't the one I hoped I'd draw first!  

Truthfully, I was dismayed - my least favorite part of dealing with my scraps, and it was my first task!  But I vowed to do my best... and here are my results!

I now have a lovely stack of squares cut to various sizes - 10", 5", 2.5", 2", and 1.5", plus some 4" squares and some strings thrown in for good measure.  I also found those wonderful plastic containers which are perfect for sorting these pieces and keeping them neat, which allowed me to keep track of all the scraps I cut this month.  I've now placed them in the appropriate shoebox-sized containers for each size!  (I got those containers at Target - 2 for about $10.)

AND I have a wonderfully empty tabletop scrap tub, which I now find I crave at the end of the day!  I guess what they say is true - that which you can set your mind to do for two weeks will become a habit!  So I've managed to learn a good habit - let's see if I can keep it up....

So today I went back to my little box of monthly tasks (thanks to my husband's habit, I have a lot of cool little boxes to choose from!)...

...and this is what I drew out!  You may remember the t-shirt beach blankets I made last year...

 I made this using the leftover pieces from all the t-shirt quilts I made last year.  I didn't realize just how many I had - but I still have a large tub of leftover pieces that I need to work through, plus this bag...

...running over with pieces to put to good use!  My husband's garage is already well-stocked with rags, so this was the best use I could come up with!  I've got another design plan in mind that I've been looking forward to using, so this is a good time to work on that.  And hopefully, I can get that bag of scraps off the floor this month!


So how did your January Scrap Attack goals go?  Did you make any progress?  You can link up below and share your progress, and also show off your new task for February.  And if you need inspiration - new quilts to use up your scraps - I'm doing a series on Sundays called Scrumptious Scraps.  Six beautiful scrap quilts, each one simple to make, just perfect for charity quilts - and conveniently enough, Hands2Help starts in the middle of March!  

Take that, little guy!!




  1. What a box full of tasks, and your scrap method is so good, I have ...Sort of!! started to do something the same.the beach blanket, reminds me of the old knitted , what we called " Peggy Squares' and your is so bright and beautiful.

  2. Last summer I waded through a pile of leftovers that had been accumulating for several years. After they were tamed into submission, I decided, never again! I have been cleaning up my scraps after each project and it is sooooo nice to have a clean table top but it is a challenge each and every time to cut them up. Stand firm and keep it up.

    I only ever made 1 t-shirt quilt. That was for my SIL. Never again, I hated working with the fabrics. You seem to have perfected the technique for these stretchy fabrics. Happy stitching!

  3. I pulled cut up and organize scraps for my first scrap attack task. I have almost finished cutting up my 4th bag of scraps into usable sizes. Feels good to get through part of them. I still have lots more to go but at least I have made progress.
    Happy Stitching!

  4. You are so inspiring! I toss my scraps; however, there are a few precious fabrics that I will save, so now I know how to cut and store them. And I love the idea of a beach blanket made from T-shirt leftovers. I have a stack of my daughter’s T-shirts waiting for attention. Congratulations on your new good habit!

  5. Way to go! I love the containers you are using as you cut the scraps, great way to store them.

  6. Congratulations on a new good habit! I can just feel how great a blanket made of old t-shirts would feel. Seems like it might make good comfort blankets for kids, too since they must be soft.

  7. Cool!! I have a different working style with my scraps that doesn't mesh well with pre-cutting things, but boy your piles are enticing. :) I'm linking my big scrap project started last year that I finished this past week. It put a huge dent in my blue and white scrap tubs, with decent bites out of yellow and red.

  8. I never thought about using the excess tshirt pieces to make a beach or picnic blanket. Most mine went to the husband or trash. Not again though. I have a pile of scraps from different projects on the floor. I had a small scrap give away last year but had no takers on my last give away I offered up I think in December. Maybe I'll make a scrappy quilt for our charity quilt projects. Good luck with the new habits

  9. I'm in awe over you keeping up with your scraps in January. Can't wait to see your beach quilt from the t-shirt scraps. How do you stabilize your t-shirts? Do the scraps already have stabilizer on them?

  10. Congratulations are in order for your January Scrap Attack success!! Best of luck on your February job pull task. I'm looking forward to seeing the new design!!

  11. Congrats on the scrap progress/new habit! I've got a couple of the containers you used for sorting and love them! I did make a wee bit of progress on using one baggie of scraps. I now have a purse "blank" made from silk strings ready for lining and completion as a cross-body purse. =)

  12. I managed to go through my triangle pile! That was the scrap collection I was most worried about. I did several things with it: The dark and light neutrals I made into some small 4 patch blocks using HST's. The RSC color of the month I made into some improv diamond shapes using a design from 'No Scrap Left Behind" by Amanda Jean Nyberg. So then the other colors I sorted into my color bins so I can continue adding to the improv blocks each month! Wa-hoo!

  13. Sarah, I linked my Whoop Whoop post instead of my Scrap Attack Post. How can I delete it? I'll link it up on Friday like I'm supposed to!

  14. I am loving having goals to keep me more focused this year. I did great in January and know I will do well again in February. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm really attacking those scraps!


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