Monday, January 8, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - New Year, New Start!

Hi, all!

Welcome to my first Make-A-List Monday of 2018!  I missed last week, sick with a cold (which is all better now, hooray!) so I'm starting fresh this week!  I love a new year - it always feels like there's so many opportunities.  So let's see what I'm going to use all those opportunities for this week...

1.  Take some donated blocks and turn them into a toddler quilt for the ministry.

2.  Quilt at least one quilt for the quilt ministry.

3.  Make a couple of memory pillows for a friend.

4.  Examine a vintage top to see what repair work needs to be done before quilting.

5.  Start cutting pieces for a t-shirt quilt.

6.  Cut up scraps as I finish working on projects this week (this is my Scrap Attack goal for this month!)

7.  Plan this year's pre-H2H quilt-along.

8.  Set up the schedule for H2H 2018 (can you believe it's time already?)

9.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

A lot to do this week, but it feels SO good to be back in the studio again!  I may not get to all of this, but oh, the possibilities!

And because I hate to publish a post without a picture, I think I'll share one of my Christmas presents with you...

This lovely lady, named Jade, has been sitting on my shelf for two years now, unusable because she had no base and basically sat on her crankshaft.  My husband made this awesome base for her, which includes a covered section store the foot pedal all nice and neat!!  Such a lovely Christmas present - now she is usable!!

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Jade looks lovely in her new base. The 185s are work horses and great to sew on. Enjoy!

  2. Love this base crafted with love by your husband! I have looked for a cabinet for my Singer 99K because the portable case is coming apart but haven't found one yet. Maybe I need to have something like this made instead.

  3. Your beau not only knows you very well, he does very nice work!

  4. Your base is beautiful. I pulled the "organize and cut scraps" for my scrap attack this month. I am working on cutting up bag number 3 of scraps into usable sizes. I have also managed to quilt 2 quilts for our ministry at church in the past few weeks. We have 3 more ready to be quilted. Making a little progress in this new year. Happy Stitching, Anna

  5. Aren't you lucky to have a sweetheart to make you the perfect Christmas gift. It is cold and icy here so I am happily nestled next to the woodburning stove cutting scraps.

  6. Lovely new base you were gifted. He's a keeper for sure. Great job on cutting your scraps as each project is finishing up. I have made a resolution to finish up some UFO's this year. (Wait, this doesn't sound original?) haha

  7. Love the little green Singer. So glad it can be used now. What a thoughtful gift. I'm still postponing my goals for the year. If I don't set any, I won't feel badly about not accomplishing them. At least in theory. . . .

  8. Jade is pretty. I have one, in a cabinet, but, I've never even tried it. It has 2 other machines sitting on top of the cabinet. Hubby builds me bases, too.

  9. What a husband you've got there! Give him an extra hug from your Quilty friends.


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