Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Progress and Inspiration!

Hi, all!

You know what they say about building a new habit - that if you do something for two weeks you're more likely to keep doing it?  Well, apparently it's true - because I've been cutting up scraps like crazy lately!  After getting through my January Scrap Attack 2018 challenge of cutting up all my daily scraps, I find that I need to take some time each day to cut scraps - which has meant that I'm starting to tackle some of the overflow, too!  Here's what I've cut up just since last Wednesday...

Those two boxes are just about as full as they can get - I could maybe get a few more squares in, but that's a lot of fabric there!  

And I had a "eureka!" moment this week.  Remember last week when I emptied out that wire basket?

I had so much fun working my way down to the bottom of that basket, because there was an end in sight - something that's hard to experience when you are dealing with a huge tub!  But I had the sudden inspiration that if I filled up that basket....

...I could easily cut up that many scraps in a week!  Fill that basket up enough weeks in a row and I'll have cut through that huge backlog of scraps!  So I'm giving this a try.  I'm already about halfway through the basket, plus I've kept up with the scraps from things I've been working on all week.  Hooray!!

I also started on the beach/picnic blanket this week.  Didn't get too far, because we had a large quilt ministry need pop up unexpectedly, but at least it's started!  I'm excited to finish this one, which is good because it's a short month - not much more time to work on it!

And now, as promised, a little bit of the inspiration I saw on Instagram this week...

Look at this fabulous nine-patch quilt!!

Sharon's pretty scrappy blocks are wonderful - I think she called this pattern "Stoplight"!

I love this simple scrappy pattern - and the black sashing really sets off those brights!

And look at these lovely Scrappy Dresden quilts  - such a great creative use of scraps!

And last but not least, look at these wonderful zipper bags!  What a great quick project, and so perfect for gifts. All you have to do is conquer that fear of zippers!

So all in all, a really good week on the scrap front.  Slowly but surely, I'm whittling away at those scrap tubs, turning them into useful pieces!  I'm really looking forward to making quilts with all those lovely squares someday...




  1. A row of scraps with framing, that is so lovely.And I have just noticed that your scrap container has a lid on each side. What a wonderful way to keep those sizes in their own compartment.

  2. that's great getting your scraps cut up - I keep telling myself to cut the scraps and use them and I keep starting new quilts that aren't using the scraps up all that much

  3. Thanks for the pictures of all the wonderful scrappy quilts! So much inspiration, so little time!

  4. Good job!!! Keeping scraps under control is a never ending job.

  5. You are definitely inspiring me with my scraps! I have pulled a couple of patterns out and I will be using those to cut scraps up. Soon!!

  6. Wow, at the rate you're going, you'll have to change your theme from "Scrap Problem" to "Scrap System!" Way to go. Thanks for the inspiration photos, too.

  7. Good job! I love the idea of filling up the basket and tackling it. Mini steps...

  8. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the shout out!! I'm having so much fun with all my scraps and as a bonus it's bringing back wonderful memories of the quilts I made with those fabrics :-)

  9. Nice job with your scraps. I have a bunch I need to tackle. Where did you get that box with the compartments? I'd sure like to have one.

  10. I like the idea of being able to have a finite number of scraps to deal with each week. I would say, ugh, I can't get that many scraps cut so, I'll skip it. On the other hand I got really excited to use up some white on white on a little table runner last week. When it was done I decided to cut the rest up to use on a long term project. With one piece left oh, about 3 x 20" or so I panicked and thought I should stop just in case I needed something more for the table runner. YEP, I had miss cut and needed 2 more pieces 10.5". Um, then I proceeded to cut the pieces 9.5" OOPS. Another white on white to the rescue. Phew. Saved.

  11. What are the different sizes of squares and strips you cut your scraps into? In other words, what sizes of pieces have you found that it’s useful to have have on hand for scrap quilting? I’ve been cutting 2” squares, 5” squares, and pieces which are 2 1/2” x 4 1/2”, and then just strips of undetermined length, 2” and 2 1/2”; but it seems I ought to think it through better if I’m really going to be serious about it.

  12. Thanks for the show and tell. I'm making headway on cutting up my scraps, too. I'm beginning to think I need to start a project with some of them!

  13. Now that you know how satisfying it is to clean up those scraps during a project, I'll tell you a secret: I actually find cutting my scraps into usable sizes very relaxing! I actually look forward to it as a rewarding task. It makes a nice little project for those times when I'm not feeling creative. Cut a few scraps and daydream and next thing you know, inspiration strikes! :)

  14. Explored through your archives to read about your basket of weekly scrap cutting! Love it! You took a sometimes overwhelming idea and made it doable and useable. Thanks for the inspiration.


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