Monday, February 19, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - Has Spring Sprung???

Hi, all!

Well, it's Monday again - a long holiday weekend, and best of all 70 degrees and sunshine today!  My daffodils are blooming all over the yard, too!  I don't know how long it will last, but I'm sure going to enjoy it while it's here.  I hope you've had a good weekend, too.

It's time to start on a new week, though, so that means reviewing last week's list and starting a new one.  Here's last week's progress...

1.  Work on quilts for four children whose father died very unexpectedly this week.
Done!  You'll see them in the quilt ministry update below...

2.  Keep cutting up those scraps!
Done!  I'm pleased to say the "small basket" experiment is working well, and I actually started on a second basket after I emptied this one!

3.  Start working on the t-shirt beach blanket.
Started!  I had to put it aside after I got this far to work on some other projects, but it's nice to see some progress!

4.  Contact more potential sponsors for H2H.
Done!   And some of the goodies have already started rolling in...

5.  Find a back for last week's UFO finish.
Done!  And not only did I find a back, but I quilted it and it is now all finished!  I love this quilt!

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We had quite a few quilts go out this week...

First of all, we had a death in our church family this week, and we gave quilts to his wife and four young children...

This quilt went to the neighbor of a church member whose husband had a heart attack and died...

This quilt went to a woman who just went through surgery for breast cancer and is now undergoing chemo...

And this quilt went to a man who is dealing with very serious medical issues.

So all in all, pretty good progress for the week.  Here's what I'm planning for this week...

1.  Quilt the vintage lozenge quilt top for a friend.

2.  Quilt another vintage top (I'm sensing a trend here...)

3.  Mail off another box of scraps to a Scrumptious Scraps winner!

4.  Quilt the string-and-nine-patch quilt.

5.  Work on the t-shirt beach/picnic blanket.

6.  Keep cutting up scraps!

7.  Write another tutorial for this weekend's Scrumptious Scraps quilt-along...

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Definitely enough to keep me out of trouble, but I bet I'll find some other fun things to do before next Monday too!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Wow, great work in just one week. Mine is nowhere near as impressive. Love all those quilts you have given away. What comfort to them in their loss. That's a big list for this week too. Maybe I should try your cutting up one. It might make it quicker to use them up.

  2. We hit 69F yesterday, and our high today was 14F with more bitter cold predicted for tomorrow. I might be under a quilt instead of sewing one! But you have inspired me to be more organized in my cutting.

  3. We had a snowstorm this weekend. Kids were hoping school would be canceled but that didn't happen. It's currently 12 degrees.

  4. It's warm here in south Florida, but so windy that my fabric keeps blowing off my sewing table! Makes it hard to take photos, too, since nothing keeps still :)

    It's sad that your church family lost their Dad. I'm glad they have your community to support them in this hard time.

  5. Tacking down bindings on mini quilts and knitting preemie hats.

  6. I finished up a little quilt for a friend and now I'm making a baby quilt...hopefully quickly because I think the baby is coming soon!


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