Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Vintage Scrappiness Saved!

Hi, all!

I have something wonderful to share with you this week - a fabulous vintage scrap top that I was given the honor of quilting for the owner.  It was made by the mother of a very nice older gentleman in my church, and his wife asked if I could quilt it for him.  I adore vintage tops, and told her I'd be happy to take a look at it - because even though I love them, not all of them are able to be finished, depending on their condition.

I was a little worried about this one, because it was hand pieced, with lots of bias edges and stretchiness and ripples, hills and valleys.  But I loaded it on the frame, got a good night's sleep, and started the next morning quilting the heck out of it!

Isn't it gorgeous?  This is a truly scrappy quilt - the print pieces are pieced together from various sizes of scraps cut any which way.

I love the way the colors seem to glow in this picture. There was an amazing variety of fabrics - some feed sack, old shirts, what must have come from old dresses - nothing was wasted!

You can see in this picture how heavily I had to quilt it.  There were two places where I had to re-stitch a seam, and many pieces had tiny overlaps where the seams met, which called for careful quilting!

A beautiful quilt on a (very) windy spring morning - I was so grateful the sun made an appearance so I could get good pictures!

And finally, a picture from underneath the back of the quilt - I think this is very interesting, rather like looking at fields from an airplane!


And not to be forgotten, the scrap progress - the new "small basketful" project is proving to be a success, as I cut up all of these this week, and actually started on a new basketful!

Happy scrappy sewing!




  1. You did a beautiful job of quilting this quilt. It reminds me of stained glass windows. Beautiful!

  2. This is a gorgeous project to work on, and heavy quilting will keep all the pieces intact. A good friend of mine, Karol Kusmaul, is quilting a hand pieced/paper pieced top for a customer. The pieces were pieced on newspaper dated 1936. Vintage quilts are truly inspiring. They are simple yet stunning. I don't have any vintage fabrics, but can duplicate the 'feeling' with some fabrics in my stash. Thanks for another interesting post. Donna Weeks, aka Momma Llama.

  3. What a beautiful quilt. They will cherish it for sure.

  4. Great scrappy quilt! And your quilting stabilized it quite nicely. I'd love to make a top like that but geez those set in corners!

  5. i would love to know what type of storage containers you use to store your cut scraps in. i need some of the divided plastic ones. thanks

  6. It might have been a challenge, but riser to the occasion. We'l done!!

  7. Hi Joy, What a beautiful quilt and you were brave to tackle it! I have started cutting my scraps into useable pieces but haven't made much progress yet. Nancy

  8. An absolutely wonderful quilt. You did a beautiful job quilting it. I'm sure it will be treasured.

  9. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous quilt with us. You did a great job with the quilting. Looks like this woman knew a thing or two about how to use her scraps. ;^)

  10. What a pretty, fun quilt! And that empty basket is a happy sight indeed! I think I may need to try that method with my scraps!

  11. The quilt turned out great! And now the family has a beautiful, functional piece of the mother's work to remember her by :)

  12. That is a very interesting quilt. I've never seen that pattern. The fabrics are wonderful! I love it when a quilt shows through the backing like that. Looks like stained glass. What a special project!

  13. OMyGoodness what a wonderful quilt. I can only imagine the memories attached to all the different fabrics.

    Good on you for continuing to clear our your scrap basket. I just started doing something similar, but I set a timer to cut before I get on to whatever project I'm going to work on.

    How are you storing your larger 10" pieces?


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