Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I May Have a Scrap Problem... What's Your Favorite Scrap Block?

Hi, all!

I started thinking about what to write today and realized that I really don't have much progress to show.  It's been a busy few weeks, and I've only had time for a little bit of scrappy sewing.  I did manage to get a dozen blocks made for Nathanael's quilt...

... and I tried a quick paper piecing sample (just to see if I could do it after I learned a neat trick)...

...but that's not much to show for a blogpost!  So I thought I'd share some fun blocks that I've been seeing lately that might inspire you (and me too!) to do some scrappy sewing this week!

Let's start with a simple nine-patch block.  Pretty boring, right?  But look at all the pretty designs you can make with that simple block!

Simply by varying the placement of colors, adding sashing and cornerstones, or placing the blocks on point, you can create excitement!

And honestly, isn't a Jacob's Ladder block just another 9-patch variation?  It's a wonderful way to use up scraps, too.  I've also made this block with whole squares instead of four-patch blocks in the upper left and lower right corners...

Economy blocks are a great way to feature fabric you want to fussy cut...

Maybe one of you can tell me the difference between a churn dash block...

...and a monkey wrench block...

...but whatever you call it, I really like this version - super scrappy!

And finally, this is probably one of my all-time favorite scrap blocks - the Scrap Jar Star block!

So, a little inspiration to jump start your next project - but I'm sure you all have your own favorite scrap blocks!  We'd all love to know about them - share your own favorite in the comments below!

Let's get to work on those scraps now!




  1. I think Monkey Wrench is just another name for the Churn Dash (?) block. Jacob's Ladder is a block I have been wanting to try. It's something how the placement of colors can change the whole look of a block.

  2. Oh, that is a lot of lovely scrappy inspiration! I think the disappearing nine patch is my favorite... love the Christmas tree! xx

  3. I think, technically, the difference between CD and MW is that one is based on a 5x5 grid, making the center a different size from the edge units, and the other is a 3x3 9-patch. I love them both, but don't ask me which is which!

  4. Just beautiful array of scrappy blocks!

  5. I love that scrappy jar block. BUT, I am thinking I'd like to try paper piecing. I hope you will divulge the trick you learned!
    xx, Carol

  6. Love the little tree block-I am curious about the trick you learned too! And what pattern is the tree block?

  7. me too! me too! what's the trick you learned? :-)
    these blocks are all so inspiring!

  8. I like the churn dash/monkey wrench block. Just one of my favorites.

  9. I love Jacobs Ladder and have made several of them over the years.

  10. Your green blocks are fabulous, make me want to start some of those immediately. I always think of those optical illusion drawings (like the one that is both a young and old woman) when I see how changing light and dark in blocks creates an entirely new look.

  11. Ooh, the scrap jar star block! That gives me an idea for the extra 2-inch squares I have left over from Carolina Chain. Thanks!

  12. I think the monkey wrench is more chubby. The cross piece is shorter. To me, the monkey wrench is fun and juvenile, while the churn dash has more sophistication. But that's IMHO

  13. For the CD/MW debate I'm with Linda #12. The Monkey has bigger corners with skinny cross piece.
    I love all 9-Patch block; CD/MW, Ohio Star, Puss in the corner, etc. I've made a quilt with Jacob's Ladder and will make another one as it was so fun to make. I also love Log Cabin made with scraps. The Scrap Jar Star is on my to-do list. Oh! So many quilts still to do. ;^)

  14. I love string blocks and crumb blocks best for truly scrappy blocks. There's something sooooo satisfying about the moment when you trim them square and all the higgledy piggledy scraps straighten up and turn into a beautiful whole!

  15. The humble ninepatch is my all time go-to block. It’s easy, fast, uses scraps and can be set in so many ways. I like using it for charity quilts. But I am loving the Scrap Jar Star and want to make some after the holidays.

  16. So great blocks.I love nine patch for make quick blocks for baby quilts.

    Wishing you a nice weekend.

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