Monday, October 15, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - Where Does The Time Go?

Hi, all!

It seems like it was just Monday - and here it is again!  The weeks really do fly as we get closer to Christmas.  I had a great time visiting in real life with blog friends over the weekend, and now it's time to get back to work!   But first, let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Cut out the fabric sashing and cornerstones for one of the t-shirt quilts. (Cut two if the other fabric arrives in time!)
Done!  And I not only got it cut out, I sewed it together!  Here's a jumbled up shot - it's a gift so I can't show it off yet.

2.  Finish packing and getting ready for my retreat weekend!
Done!  And we had a great time!

3.  Work on Nathanael's annual quilt.
Done - this is part of what I worked on during the retreat.  Didn't get a whole lot of sewing done, but at least it's a start!  Twelve 16-patch blocks...

4.  Prepare some reference materials for the retreat.
Done!  We talked about how to price your quilts when someone asks you to make one for them for money - and why.

5.  Learn a new skill!
Done!  Thanks to some tutoring from Beth of Cooking Up Quilts, I managed to make this paper pieced tree with minimal cursing and only a little seam ripping for a stupid mistake!

6.  Take care of any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We only gave away one quilt this week, to a woman with cancer. 

 I'm thankful for easy weeks, when we can get a little caught up!

So all in all, not a bad week at all!  But I picked up four more commission jobs over the weekend, so I've got to really put the pedal to the metal this week!  Here's what I'm hoping to get to this week...

1.  Cut out and assemble another commission t-shirt quilt.

2.  Quilt last week's t-shirt quilt.

3.  Quilt a baby quilt for a friend.

4.  Quilt this week's t-shirt quilt if time allows.

5.  Continue working on Nathanael's annual quilt.

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

This list looks short, but it's plenty of work to keep me busy.  Idle hands and all that, you know!

So now, the question is - - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I have my Bernina out, but the threads and all else is packed, but handy.We are still packing, just about all done, hope to know by Friday about a new home.Your ministry quilt is beautiful with that inside border framing the squares.

  2. I love that little tree. I might even have to try one of those myself.

  3. I'm working on the quilt for our Women's Conference at Church. I should finish assembling it tonight and then can load it for quilting this weekend. We take donations for a chance to win the quilt and all proceeds go back into the conference fund. Happy Stitching!

  4. Great job! Such a cute little tree. I haven't tried paper piecing yet, but yours is really cute! I'd love to hear the thoughts on how to price quilts. A guild member wants to buy my Wonderland quilt but I have no idea how to go about putting a price together for it!

    What I am working on...a new quilt pattern for Halloween. Gotta get busy and get it finished. At least the pattern is written up and ready!!

  5. I've got a baby quilt to get done TODAY, to gift tomorrow. Luckily I'm on the binding part. And I have to get a quilt loaded up and quilted so that my friend can give it to her friend during October Breast Cancer Month. After that it's all about pulling stuff together for my Fiber Floozie retreat which is in less than a month...yikes!!!

  6. selvedge potholders for an upcoming craft fair!

  7. I too, would be interested in the tips for pricing a commissioned quilt. I should have known better than to agree to make not one, but two quilts for a neighbor and it has turned into the project from you know where.

  8. You did so well. I'm sure this week will go well for you as well. Love your tree too and am also tempted.

  9. Sounds like you had a busy week, but also a fun one.

  10. The green blocks look wonderful-can't wait to see them all laid out!

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