Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But This Quilt Could Cure It!

Hi, all!

You may have seen that I was doing some pattern testing for Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps - I got to make this beautiful quilt using her soon-to-be-released pattern called Light Speed...

It's a great pattern, fat quarter friendly and so easy to make!  But Christina also included some tips for making it scrappy, so I dug in my scrap boxes and came up with this completely, totally scrappy version...

This one was made with absolutely no rhyme or reason to the colors, prints, placement or anything - and I love its total scrappiness!  I think it would be fun to make one all in shades of one color (but scrappy) and can see lots of possibilities here.  It kind of reminds me a a "scrap vomit" quilt (don't you hate that name?) but it's so much easier.  You really need to watch for this pattern and get a copy when it releases!

On another front, this week I've been totally distracted from sewing (okay, well maybe mostly distracted, but not totally) by a reno project - painting the living room!  And amazingly, everything went like clockwork, no glitches (a minor miracle in itself) and this afternoon I moved the furniture back in place!  

I still need to hang the pictures, and tweak a few little things, but it's nice to have a nicely refreshed space!  

Have a great week, and carve out some time to tame those scraps!!




  1. Don’t you just love a freshly painted room? And checking a project off your to-do list! Great job! I’ll be watching for Christina’s pattern. Heaven knows I have the scraps to make it!

  2. Love the LR and how wonderful everything went smoothly! Never heard of a scrap vomit quilt but it does remind me of the fabric vortex quilts that were popular back in 2013. Happy Stitching!

  3. That really is a lovely, calming color. Great work!

  4. I have several charm piles with scrap additions all sorted out for a sit down...soon to piece!

  5. Well done.Love both projects.

  6. Hmmmm scrap vomit....... but on another note, I love fresh paint! Something so clean and fresh about new paint. Good job!

  7. I adore that madly scrappy top, Sarah! Looks like fairly big chunks so it goes together quickly? I'll definitely watch for the pattern. Great job on the painting, too. I sure wish I could do that. The boat interior is all dark, dark wood. Very "yachty" but gloooooomy.

  8. WOW! you went to town using that new pattern didn't you? The living room looks fab - congrats on a project that went smoothly.


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