Monday, September 9, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - Back at Starbucks!

Hi, all!

Well, it's Monday, and I'm back at Starbucks!  No worries - the internet is working fine at my house, but we had a minor hiccup - my husband installed DropBox on his home computer (a program he uses at work) and it sneakily downloaded about 50 gigabytes of data before we knew it was doing it!  So for the next few blogposts I'll probably be relying on the kindness of others for my internet.  Starbucks is my favorite - have you tried their Sous Vide Egg Bites yet?  They are amazing even if you're not on a keto diet!  So I'll sit here happily with my iced Americano and my egg bites and write away.  Life is good!

OK, so now we get down to business.  Here's how last week's list went....

1.  Quilt the t-shirt commission quilt.
Done, shipped, and received!!  You can see more pictures of this beauty here.

2.  Plan a baby quilt.
Not only planned, but well on its way to being finished!  I had another request for a customer quilt, so I decided to jump on this one and get it finished.  

3.  Meet with a customer about another t-shirt quilt.
Done!  This is going to be a fabulous quilt - a cuddly history of her time involved with a multitude of church activities.

4.  Cut out another of the kids' annual quilts.
I didn't get to this one, because of the baby quilt, but hopefully this week!

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We only gave away one quilt this week, to a church member's grandmother who is dealing with serious medical issues.

So not bad for last week!  I wish I'd gotten to the cutting item, but it's not the end of the world.  You'll see the real reason why I didn't get to it on Friday - stay tuned for a funny story!

And now, for this week...

1.  Finish the commission baby quilt.

2.  Cut out one of the annual quilts!

3.  Complete a quilt donation for the Patchwork and Pillowcases drive.

4.  Deliver a huge load of donated fabric and quilts to church.

5.  Sort and stash the scraps on my work table - they are taking over!

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

So that's what my week looks like!  I'll also be meeting with the new education coordinator at our local Joann's to talk about possibly teaching some classes there - fun!  I'm excited about the possibility.  If you've taught for them, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the experience!

And now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Hi Sarah, I really like that baby quilt you're working on! That plaid is just so sweet! I'm not working on any specific project rather I'm playing with my scraps again putting together color improv blocks...hahaha, just what I need, another top in the 'flimsy' pile! Have a great week at Starbucks :-p

  2. I, too, like that baby quilt on the gray - nice choice. My goodness, you get a lot of quilty things done! I'm happy if I get 15 minutes in each day. Quilty stuff is my relaxation.

  3. Nice quilts in your recent work load--I hope to load a quilt and give it a go!

  4. Looks like you have had a productive week - lots of progress on quilts. Starbucks is a nice outing, but I do hope you get your computer woes fixed soon.


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