Monday, November 9, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Back On The Long Arm Again!


Hi, all!

Welcome to Monday!  I almost let it slip by - it's been weird week - but then I remembered the day and really want to share what I've been working on!  So let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Finish quilting a Christmas gift quilt for a friend.

Done!  This is such a sweet quilt, and I love her plan for it.

2.  Decide on a a quilting plan and quilt the reindeer quilt.

Done, and done!  I finished the binding on this one this afternoon! More pictures to come on Friday....

3.  Quilt a vintage quilt top.

Done!  This quilt was a real learning experience, but turned out wonderfully. And it's always a pleasure to save a treasure!

4.  Transfer the warranties for the old house.

Done!  That was the last thing I had to do with the sale of the old house - hooray!!

5.  Plan the quilting for the annual quilts.

I think I have a plan for all three - now just to get to it!

6.  Start thinking about vacation sewing projects.

I didn't really have a chance to do this yet.

So a pretty good week, all in all!  It was good to get back on my long arm machine again.  And I learned something today - Jolene (my long arm) has expensive taste!  I had trouble with my thread breaking repeatedly on the Christmas quilt, so I thought I'd change color for this one and see if it was the thread.  A lovely lady gifted me a large cone of white Aurifil recently, and I decided to put it on and see how it did.  Well, Jolene REALLY likes Aurifil - not one break in the whole quilt!  

And here's what I'm hoping to get done this week...

1.  Quilt at least one of the annual quilts.

2.  Plan some vacation sewing!

3.  Do some cleaning and organization in the studio.

4.  Work on the next String Therapy idea.

Not a long list, but plenty to do!  I'm in the mood to clean, I think, so I may tackle the studio work first while the mood is there.  Of course, who knows what I'll feel like in the morning?

So now the question is - - -  what are YOU working on this week?




  1. all my machines love aurifil....a 1926 treadle, a 1954 featherweight and a 1978 am slowly using up the other stuff i have and sticking with aurifil...pricey but keeps the girls happy!

  2. I'm sorry about the thread breaks on the first Christmas quilt. I feel your pain, Sarah! I just finished up a donation quilt last night that presented the same problem. It took DAYS to quilt, as I kept walking away in frustration!

  3. After a successful retreat where I finished 6 tops, I am back to figuring out cutting and prepping for some new quilts. Also trying to figure out how to get time to get them all longarmed. I don't do pantos or edge to edge, so it takes me a lot longer.

  4. You are always so productive! Glad you found a solution for the thread breaks. It might have been that your bobbin was too tight for the first thread, that is usually the cause for me.

  5. My longarm loves Superior Threads SoFine and Bottom Line. I originally bought a lot of Valdani and cringe when I have to use it. It must feel like a clean slate with all the house stuff finished :-) Congrats!

  6. My Gammill likes glide on top and in the bobbin. I use Aurifil for piecing but it is a little pricey for me to quilt with

  7. My Juki wants Aurifil, too. It's worth the money to save the frustration of breaking thread! I'd love to hear more about the antique quilt :)

  8. Huge progress this week! So nice to start to see so many tops getting their quilting lines!

  9. Funny how some machines are fussy! Mine loves So Fine, not Omni as much (although last time it was better). Our machines seem to be as fussy as we are!

  10. I didn't realize you named your long arm Jolene!! That reminds me of the Dolly Parton song! Just be grateful that Jolene is only after your Aurifil thread and not your man... ;-)

  11. I've been making to make a Monday list, but Monday seems to roll around and disappear...where does the time go??


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