Monday, November 2, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Almost Back to Normal!


Hi, all!

It's Monday again, and the start of a week that will make history.  Already records have been set for early voting, with some states even surpassing the total number of votes cast in 2016!  If this election has done nothing else, it has inspired Americans to take up their right, privilege and responsibility and VOTE!

That being said, if you haven't voted yet, make the effort on Tuesday to go vote! The poll workers are there, volunteering their time so that you will be able to vote.  I promise you, they want nothing more than for you to be able to vote.  So check your local election commission online to see what you will need to provide as far as identification before you go.  Take a good book for the waiting time, and maybe a bottle of water.  Wear a mask, particularly if your county is under a mask mandate.  It's a mask, not a political statement.

Go prepared to wait, knowing that the poll workers are doing their best to move the lines as fast as possible.  And be kind to them!  It's a horribly long day, and they don't get to go home when the polls close.  Everything has to be shut down, cleaned up, and packed up before they can leave.  

So that's what my day tomorrow will look like. But after that, all goes back to normal around here - with the wonderful benefit of not having to think about our second house!  Here's what I have on tap for this week....

1.  Finish quilting a Christmas gift quilt for a friend.

2.  Decide on a a quilting plan and quilt the reindeer quilt.

3.  Quilt a vintage quilt top.

4.  Transfer the warranties for the old house.

5.  Plan the quilting for the annual quilts.

6.  Start thinking about vacation sewing projects.

I've got a bunch of quilt tops ready for quilting, and Jolene is raring to go, once I have the time.  I'm kind of looking forward to getting back in my usual rhythm!

We've also got a vacation coming up at the end of November, and since it's close, I'll probably be taking my sewing machine and a project or two!  Probably something for the String Therapy series (coming up in January) so I need to start working on kits for that.

Looks like I've got plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble this week - now the question is, what are YOU working on this week?




  1. that is great that you were able to work the polls for early voting - if I could I would have but high risk so did early vote when there was barely anyone waiting but couldn't work it - I sure do hope everyone does their civic duty - by the way - congrats on selling the old house.

  2. Our area had an abundace of voluteers for early voting - I was on a 'waiting' list (or as needed - never needed). I voted early so on the 3rd I could concentrate on getting my Mom thru voting - she insisted she was going the 'real day'.

  3. I am curious. I have worked many Canadian elections, and we are not called volunteers, we are called Poll Workers. We receive an honorarium (not a lot for a 16 hour day, but it buys a few fat quarters). Do the Election Volunteers receive an honorarium or is it fully volunteer?
    Having worked the job, I know how exhausting it can be, but also how rewarding to feel you are a part of the process, even if your job is to answer the same question, and direct traffic for the entire day. Thank you for believing it is important.

    1. You do receive payment, not commensurate with the effort or hours worked, but better than nothing. I think most pollworkers consider themselves volunteers even though they receive payment. You have to ask to be a poll worker. I appreciated the opportunity but couldn't physically do the job anymore so I resigned.

  4. I remember those long nights after the polls closed, when all I wanted was to balance and get out of there. The one true bonus to volunteering at the polls is getting to see and visit with people you know that you never get to see on a regular basis. Catching up is priceless! Hugs to you for your poll work. It's a very hard and often thankless job.

  5. Thank you to all the poll workers out there, today and earlier in this election cycle! Your work IS democracy in action :)

  6. I saw a story about young people who have become poll workers which is encouraging as it will hopefully establish a habit of voting and being an informed citizen. One thing I think this election has made clear is that there is a serious need to make election regulations more uniform. I know it's a state obligation not federal, but the current mishmash of rules benefits no one. Perhaps now that the "people" are paying more attention,the politicians will start to do their jobs. (I know, wishful thinking, but something good has got to come out of this.)

  7. My son and I got in and out of the polling place in no time at all. No lines. There were several other people already there, and more arrived while we were there. I used to be an election judge in my area, several years ago. It is a very long day. `

  8. It's Wednesday, the election is over so now we wait. Have a lovely quilty day, happy stitching!

  9. I'm glad I voted early! I had a lovely day with a couple of friends! Back to quilting today!

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