Monday, November 30, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Back to the Real World!


Hi, all!

Monday is here once again, and I'm STILL stuffed from Thanksgiving!  Those leftovers are the best, aren't they?  We had a great holiday and I wasted a lot of time, but sometimes that's just the best thing, isn't it?  So let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Finish piecing the second half of my Christmas postage stamp quilt.  I plan to quilt each half separately, then join them together like QAYG blocks.  My frame isn't large enough to handle a quilt that big in one piece!

I did manage to finish all the piecing on this quilt...

2.  Prepare the labels for the grandkids' annual quilts so they can be printed when I get home.

...but I didn't get to this one.  Looks like I've got a start for this week's list!

3.  Research extensions for my quilt frame to take it to true king size.

It looks like it would be quite cost prohibitive to extend my frame,even if I could find the parts to do it. I don't make that many king size quilts,so I'm going to save my pennies for somethingelse - like an arch light for my frame!

4.  If time permits, work on my snowflake quilt UFO from last year.

I didn't get to this one either - just wasn't feeling it!

It was kind of a strange week - my husband threw out his back and we ended up going home early because he thought he'd be more comfortable there.  It was ok, though, because I got to do a lot of Christmas decorating...

I'm really excited that we have a BIG tree this year!

The ceilings in our old house were very short - some I could reach without standing on a ladder - so we haven't had a tall tree in a long time.  I actually got to put the stars on the top of the trees, instead of tying them way down the top!  

I did a little shopping too - found these at Cracker Barrel!  My husband said that apparently I have been missing being able to shop, but I just couldn't pass them up!

And our joint Christmas present arrived today!  We splurged and got a SleepNumber bed - tonight we get to try it out.  I'm excited!  And as a bonus, my daughter and her husband have volunteered to house-sit for us the next time we go out of town, just so they can try out our bed.  If I'd known that's all it took, I'd have bought one years ago....

OK, so my list suffered last week, but I did have a good time and a productive week, too.  Here's what I'll be working on this week...

1.  Make the labels for the annual quilts and attach them.

2.  Quilt my Christmas quilt.

3.  Quilt a gift quilt.

4.  Finish up the Christmas decorating and put the storage 
tubs back in the attic.

5.  Start working on the next String Therapy quilt.

Definitely enough to keep me out of trouble for the week!  Maybe a little too much, but it will be fun to try to get it all done.

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Your new quilt is so festive! I’m sorry your husband injured his back. Hoping for a speedy recovery. And your tall tree is beautiful. Also? Sometimes it’s important to do nothing.


  2. Your postage stamp quilt is going to be gorgeous!
    We bought a Sleep Number bed over 10 years ago. It was the best purchase for us as previous high end mattresses hardly seemed to last a couple of years. This past year we did add a memory foam topper (from Sleep Number) and completely took care of some low back pain I would wake up with. It kind of amazed me. Hope you enjoy yours!

  3. Sounds like a good list but you did get a lot done this past week! Your tree is gorgeous!

  4. Oh, an arch light for my long arm is on my wish list too. Your tree is so pretty and tall.

  5. What's the verdict on the Sleep Number bed? Sweet dreams? Your tree is just lovely. Have a good week!

  6. I am now on my second Sleep Number bed - the first lasted for 20-21 years. I love being able to adjust my side of the bed as needed.

  7. Since I know you're quite the do-it-yourselfer, I wanted to pass along this youtube link for a long arm light. A friend of mine helped me make this for my long arm and it is absolutely perfect! I bought everything from Home Depot, Lowes & Menards for a total cost of about $200-$250. With the track lighting you can add as many lights as you want for a truly custom piece. Enjoy!

  8. We loved our sleep number bed so much, we got one for the guest room at my mother's house.

  9. Good for you for slowing down a bit. This year definitely requires it. Have a good week (although we are already halfway through aren't we - yikes).


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