Monday, May 9, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #46! Pretty in Pink.....

The view from our balcony early this morning...
Hi, all!

Well, remember I told you last week I'd be tickled pink if I got everything on my list done?  Well, I did - and after sitting on the beach yesterday, I'm not only tickled pink, I'm sunburned that way too!  It's been a long time since we've been down to the Gulf Coast, and I had forgotten how much stronger the sun is down here....  oh well - it will be tan in a couple of days, so it's worth it!  SPF 70 for me today, though....

So here's how I did on last week's list:

1.  Finish piecing the H2H quilt top.
Done!  Here's a pic, just in case you didn't see it earlier... 
I still need to applique the flowers on, but the piecing is done!

2.  Cut out the Hawaii ministry quilt.
Done!  I actually cut out two of these at the same time - 
my hubby likes these fabrics, too!

3. Cut out the second H2H quilt top.
Done!  Fortunately, the fabric my partner sent was in just the right amount to make up in the same pattern as the Hawaii quilt - so I just cut three instead of two!

4.  Quilt a ministry flimsy pieced by Debora.
Done!  This quilt turned out really nicely - and is already in the hands of it's new owner!

5.  Take care of all those little things that need to be done before vacation! 
(Mail, newspaper, boarding the dogs, etc.)
Done!  (At least, I hope so!)

6.  Write a blogpost showing the pretty quilts we saw in Paducah!!
Done!  If you missed it, you can check it out here.  
(Remember you can click on the pictures to see an enlarged version!)

I don't think I'll have a list for this week - we've been here two days now and I haven't pulled out the sewing machine yet, so I don't know if I'll get any sewing done or not - but I'll share whatever I do get to next Monday with you!

Be sure to check back on Friday to get (and give) your whoop whoops!!

Oh, and if you missed Surfin' Sunday because you were busy celebrating Mother's Day, be sure to check it out - I featured Miki Willa's blog, and she's got some beautiful stuff to share!!




  1. Whoop! Whoop! yourself! Sorry about the sunburn. Keep the aloe handy.

  2. Ouch!! Sunburn is not fun. Hopefully, you look pretty in pink or red as the case may be. The beach looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. Have a wonderful week. I will be thinking of you playing on the beach as the rain and cold continues here in the Pacific Northwes.

  4. You've done well on your list. I didn't make it. I had 3 things what i needed to do, but managed at least one of them. Hopefully this week!! Beautiful vieuw by the way...

    Greetings Debbie

  5. Sorry about the sunburn! Ouch! Take a break and relax if you can:)

  6. Enjoy the sun and fun . . . you deserve a break, keep the sewing machine in the case~! Safe travels.

  7. Beautiful view. Hard to sew with a view like that anyway. I have loads of your posts to catch up on. We are back from our holiday at long last.


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