Sunday, May 29, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming to Bring You H2H Update v. 2.0...

Hi, all!

Well, it's the last Sunday of the month again - and that means it's time for another Hands2Help update/check-in!

This is just a time to pop in, say hello, tell how things are going with your H2H project - nothing heavy duty, although you can link up to a blogpost at the linky party at the bottom if you want to!  This month, tell us where you'd absolutely love to live - and why!

Last month, I had mailed off my fabrics and cut out one quilt with fabrics received from Cindy.  That quilt was on the quilting frame this week, and I had every intention of quilting it on Friday.  I got about 4/5 of the way through the quilting, when my Juki decided to start skipping stitches!  Nothing I could do fixed it, so I called the "come to your house" sewing machine repair guy.  He'll be out on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get this one finished by Tuesday night.

It really is coming along nicely - I'll be excited to get this one done!

Since last month, I also received some beautiful fabrics from my other partner, Robyn...

And those have been sewn together into this top...

This is only showing a quarter of the top, but the light was going and that was all I could fit in the spot where I took my picture!  It still needs a border, then the back pieced - but maybe I can get both of those done by Tuesday and quilt this one right after I finish the other!

And see all those pretty ladies?  Well, that's my bunco group.  We play once each month, but we don't play for money or prizes - we take the money we would use for that and donate it to a worthy cause chosen by the hostess - and last month I was the hostess!  So we raised about $100 that will be going to Judi to use for her mission work in Romania.  Last year they bought food and school supplies to distribute along with the quilts.

So that's my update for the month - and if I could live anywhere I wanted, I would probably live in either Ireland or Seattle - two of my favorite places in the world!  Seattle because of the Farmers' Market, all the flowers, and all the great quilting and fabric stores there; Ireland because after we spent ten days there, I fell in love with the place - even though we had to drive on the wrong side of the road!  But I'd have to take my DH with me, or neither place would be any fun at all....  


And now, something much more interesting 
to each of you, I'm sure.....

We've got some new prize sponsors 
for the end of the giveaway!

In addition to the prizes listed last month,
here are some new sponsors and prizes...

Anna Luna at Crafty Girls Workshop is donating 
a $25 gift certificate to her shop...

Kate Conklin of Kate Conklin Designs is donating 
some of her great quilt patterns...

and Julie at The Intrepid Thread is donating a 
fat quarter bundle of Kumari Garden Holiday!

All prizes will be given away at the end of the challenge - and with this many prizes, 
you've got a good chance of winning something!  
So get those quilts done and sent to Judi!!

So now it's your turn.  Tell us how things are going, link up to a blogpost if you want to, and be sure to tell us your dream place to live!!



PS - the linky party will stay open until midnight, May 31st, so you've got plenty of time to join in!


  1. I love the expression 'There's no place like home' - I love were I live. An original family homestead in a small country village that is steeped with history. And no matter where I have traveled, it is always so good to get home.

  2. As the song goes, "I've lived so many places in my life and time..." that it's hard to pick one. I love living on the Cumberland Plateau in TN, for lots of reasons. But after watching the newest Tom Selleck (Jessie Stone) movie, that's the part of the country that calls to me. It's called Paradise, MA, but I don't think it's really filmed in MA. It reminds me of the coast of Maine, where I'd love to have a seaside cottage (with a huge sewing studio!). From spring till winter.

  3. I would love to live somewhere near an ocean where I could hear the waves crashing upon the shore from any open window in my house.

  4. We have traveled to many places and our #1 destination is France. Now don't go jumping on me for their politics, but the food, the countryside, the people we have met there and the friends we have made are always calling me to return. I would live in a small village that was close enough to go to Paris for fun, food and people watching. In the US...New York City calls to me. But I agree with Vrooman's Quilts...there's no place like home! We have everything here in California...the mountains, the sea and the desert, but most of all we have our family and that makes it home!

  5. I am done my quilt and my heart blocks so I'll just pop on over and comment over at the Hands 2 Help Flickr Group.
    I'd like to live in Northern California on the coast perhaps just outside of San Francisco. I grew up not far from the water (east Coast) and I miss it living inland. The food is awesome, you can have a great garden, I'd want enough space for chickens and my dog oh, and my family too of course. Perhaps a small outbuilding for my sewing studio. Pie-in-the-sky, but it would be nice……..

  6. I live in the greater Seattle area now, and I must say that I love living here most of the time. My neighborhood has a rural feel, but the grocery store and post office are only a few blocks away. I am surrounded by cedars and douglas firs yet the excitement of downtown Seattle is only 20 minutes away. When I say I love it most of the time, I have to exclude the weather during the end of May and most of June. Other than that, the Pacific Northwest is my favorite place to be.

  7. Wow~! I really love that top made with the layer cakes and the charms. So simple, yet striking. I have never used white for a background. I guess I need to expand my horizons. Love it!

  8. I live in the foothills of South Carolina...pretty mountain scenery, but a day trip to the coast! I wouldn't change a thing! I have finished the blocks for my H2H quilt, and I'm squaring them up so I can add some lattice. You can see what it will look like on my virtual design wall, at OleFrogEyes:
    Jacque in SC

  9. Hmmmmm..... Where would I live. I would say part of the time I would live on the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. The other time I would live just south of Nashville, TN. Odd but I love both places.

  10. By the way, I LOVE your quilts.

  11. Broke my needle on my longarm, so I'm taking a break. I'd like to live in Italy part time. Hard to choose Where though.

  12. I would love to live in Amish country. I would like the slower pace lifestyle. I go to Amish country every chance I get.
    Sarah - love your H2H quilts.

  13. I am grounded to my recliner for two weeks...but then this is next up on my list. I hurt myself and don't really know how and it's a long story.

    My dream place to live I think would be back in my hometown again. I miss Pleasant Hill, Mo so much! I love living in the country and after moving around a bit I just want to click my heels together and say there is no place like home!

  14. I am in limbo at this time, in SoCal and loving it, but waiting for house values to recover, and health care/insurance issues to shake out, so that I can get benefits, retire, and relocate to the mountains of Tennessee. My dream is to have a chunk of land (maybe 5 acres) in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/Sevierville area, a large garden, a small henhouse, and a fuel efficient vehicle to drive "over the hill" to my sister's home in SC, often! We've not seen each other in decades, and one day, we dream of sewing together for long weekends while our husbands solve the problems of the world in front of the news at night. It just may happen! (the 'living near my sister', not the 'solving of the world's problems'! heehee!) Right, Snoodles??!!

  15. If I could move anywhere I would choose to move to Sedona, Az...that way I could be surrounded by beauty and be closer to my family. In the short term, I would just be happy living closer to a city or a town. Right now I drive close to an hour to and from work and then from my house to the nearest town is another 20 mins. I love living on a mountain near a river but the scenic aspect is starting to wear off and I want to be closer to stores and stuff.

    I haven't made anymore progress on my H2H quilt but I finished all of my May bee blocks this past weekend and only have 2 other small things to do before I can work on it again so hopefully by the 2nd weekend in June (if not sooner) I can pick it up again. Sarah both of your quilts look fantastic!

  16. I feel a little behind on my H2H quilt, but hopefully will remedy that soon!

    I actually love the town I live in now (Alameda, CA) - great sense of community and smallish, but close to San Francisco and Berkeley. BUT, I wish I had a large old Victorian or Craftsman with a sewing/craft room on the top floor, a nice deep lot, and an in-law unit or cottage where my mom could come stay for extended visits. Our little stucco box is cute, but not my dream house by a long shot!


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