Monday, January 30, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Back to the Routine, And Winners!

Hi, all!

Wow, it's been two weeks since I posted a list on Monday - that's so not good!  I really do better with a list, plus it's going to be hard to remember what I did two weeks ago - but let's see if I can dredge it up!  But first, I owe you the names of the two winners of the Rambling Rose fat quarter bundles!  I checked with Little Miss Random (who is very jealous she didn't get a twirly skirt!) and she chose number 10, which was:

Chantal also commented that she has three boys, so these fabrics will be all for her!

And the second number drawn was number 72...

STH apparently lives somewhere that gets lots of snow, so these should help brighten up her winter days!

Congratulations, ladies!  I'll be getting in touch with you by email to get your mailing addresses!


So now let's get down to the business of lists!  Here's how I did on the list from two weeks ago...

1.  Finish up some items using the Free Spirit fabric.
2.  Set up a photo shoot for next Monday's "big reveal" post.
Done!  You can see all the things I made on this post.  The little girls and I had a lot of fun with the photo shoot!

3.  Piece one of the Stunning Stars quilts.
Done!  You can read all about Scrappy Stars on this post.

4.  Pull the fabrics for another Stunning Stars quilt.
Done!  Here's a teaser - I'll be quilting this quilt tomorrow and revealing it next Sunday!

5.  Pull out the Dear Jane and set up a plan for completing it.
Done!  I've taken a look at it and it appears that all the pieces I need are there - I just need to sew it all together.  Look how pretty the center is!

6.  Look at a repair job and see what will be needed to complete it.
I didn't get to this one yet...

7.  Finalize the details on a new commission quilt.
Done!  I know what I need to do, just need to order the supplies.

8.  Do some organizational work on 2017's Christmas in July blog hop!
Done!  It's going to be fabulous!!

9.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We've given away quite a few over the last two weeks...

These four quilts went to a man who lost his wife over Christmas, and his three children...

...and this quilt went to a woman who will be having a hysterectomy in the next few days.

The next three quilts went to a woman who lost her husband, her adult daughter, and the adopted granddaughter who was named for her husband who died.

This quilt went to a gentleman dealing with Lou Gehrig's Disease...

...and this one went to a woman whose son died unexpectedly.

We also gave away two other quilts, one to a newly adopted little boy and the other to a man dealing with a serious ongoing illness.  I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of those two!

So that's how the last two weeks went!  I've been busy working on the quilts for the Stunning Stars quilt-along, so that's pretty much taken up all my spare time.  Let's see what I've got on tap for this week now!

1.  Quilt the Stunning Stars quilt for this Sunday's post.

2.  Write the tutorial for that quilt.

3. Put the binding on three ministry quilts.

4.  Order the materials for the commission quilt.

5.  Cut out the next Stunning Stars quilt.

6.  Start assembling the borders for the Dear Jane quilt.

7.  Contact the potential sponsors for Hands2Help 2017.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up this week.

And that's just going to have to be enough to keep me out of trouble this week!  So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. so many great quilts that you and your volunteers give away - I sure hope it brightens the day of some of these people going through such saddness

  2. Oh! My! I won! Thank you so much Sarah! This little girl can't wait to start playing with flowers. How Fun!! ;^)

  3. I agree with Karen - you folks pass on such loving hugs with these quilts.

  4. Awesome work on your list!
    We've moved everything back in place and put felt on everything my DH can think of 🙄 I finished unpacking the last box just today. We're still doing a couple more protects including securing electric blanket wires under the bed so the Roomba can do its work. My new hobby is running Rooma each morning to clean up the dog hair but I hope to be sewing again this week...a more fun hobby!

  5. Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway!
    Wow! I am always amazed at how much you accomplish! Your quilt ministry is beautiful! My prayers go out to these families! I know first hand how comforting these gifts are - and will continue to be for years to come! Blessings to you!

    Little Miss Random, you are a great picker of winners! :)

  6. Chantal, fabrics for yourself, fabulous win.Congratulations and also to STH, let it snow!!!The stars are lively, but each quilt going to a person with sadness, illness or tragedy, they are in my eyes the winners today, Those quilts shine like the brightest star as they go with love and warm wishes.

  7. Thank you! How exciting! We don't normally get much snow here in eastern Washington state, but we've had 2 feet of the stuff this winter--not that much for many places, but not something we're used to. A lot has melted off, but more is forecast for tonight; thank goodness I'll have that lovely fabric to dream about while I wait for the sun!

  8. I'm tackling some secret close to being done. This weekend is my annual sewing retreat. Time to start pulling out personal sewing and scrappy projects.

  9. Wow, what a list. Great ministry quilts. I am inspired always by your words and photos.

  10. Lists for quilting frustrate me, I don't like the pressure of having to do that thing, I like to do whatever I feel like at that moment. Which is usually what I would have put on my list, but minus the pressure. LOL

  11. Sarah, you almost made my heart stop! I thought two families were struck by multiple simultaneous losses of loved ones! If you group all the recipients (wife, child, grandchild) you'll save so many lives, with grammar alone!!

  12. I'll help out with #7 again... 5 fat quarters of multicolored wild prints for an H2H winner.

  13. I have 3 more quilts to quilt to finish up my tops! I've done about 12 so far this month!


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