Monday, January 2, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Digging Out!

Hi, all!

The beginning of the week, and the beginning of a new year - they both seem like fresh starts!  I've got so many plans for this year (you can read about some of them here) but I always try to start the year with a clean and organized studio.  That got delayed a little bit because of a road trip to IKEA, but I'm in the process.  More about that later in the post, though.  Here's how last week went...

1.  Make a quilt for my daughter - a special design that she requested!
Done!  I had a lot of fun with this quilt, and it's exactly what she wanted!  You can see more pictures here...

2.  Start a new "secret" project to celebrate the release of a new fabric for Free Spirit Fabrics!
Done!  My plans are made, the fabrics are pressed and waiting to be sewn up!

3.  Straighten up the studio.
In progress!  I'll share some pictures in a minute...

4.  Figure out why our quilting machine at church is acting up.
Done!  Turned out to be an easy fix, just a plug that had come out.

5.  Visit the new Memphis IKEA with my daughter!
Done!  We had a great time and I came home with lots of new storage for the studio!

6.  Continue working on the designs for Stunning Stars.
In progress!  I've got five of the six designs chosen and graphed out, but I still need to pick one more and start making the quilts!

7.  Learn how to use my new Instant Pot...
Well, I wouldn't say I've completely mastered it, but I've learned a couple of things not to do and have some ideas about how to do it better!

8.  Re-load EQ7 on my laptop.
DONE!!! Hallelujah!!!  

9.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Thankfully, it was a quiet week with no quilts given out.  I think that will change in the coming weeks, though...

As I said, I've been re-organizing the studio, and replacing a mad collection of mis-matched shelves with really nice shelves from IKEA.  My daughter couldn't go until last Saturday, so I was delayed in getting started but I've made good headway since Saturday!  Currently, this is what my studio looks like, though...

The new shelves (Kallax, by IKEA) are all assembled and in place, but it's a huge mess, with everything else piled up higgledy-piggledy anywhere I could find a flat surface.  There's certainly no place available to do any sewing!  So my biggest task for next week is to get the studio back to normal (or actually better, a little more organized than before!)

So here's my list for this week...

1.  Get everything organized in my studio - returned to its proper place or sent to Goodwill so that others can enjoy it too!

2.  Cut and piece the Free Spirit quilt.

3.  Finish the designs for the Stunning Stars quilt-along.

4.  Contact all the people who have indicated they want to be part of the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop with final details!

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

A short list, but I've got Nana duties tomorrow and Wednesday, and a haircut appointment, too.  And I've got to dig out the studio before I can get to much on that list!

So now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. If you are a Facebook user look for instantpot community. I love my pressure cooker!

  2. Higgledy piggledy! Hee hee, that term always makes me laugh! Your studio will progress from there to neatly peatly very soon :)

    This week's project is my Hillside Houses top to be finished, then start on the quilting. I'm thinking a different FMQ motif in each color of house, but might wimp out and do an overall pattern.

    Good luck with your organizing!

  3. I'm sorry, Sarah, but your Make-A-List always makes me tired. This post here would be Make-A-List for the next six months! I retired this year, though, so quilting is picking up! Right now I'm working on a quilt for granddaughter's 15th birthday on Jan. 25. It's my goal to make a quilt for each grandchild this year. Luckily, I have 4 grandchildren (with one on the way). So I have 5 quilts to make. Wish I had more grandkids, but am glad it's only 5 quilts!

  4. how long of a trip is it to the Memphis IKEA from you? it is the closest one to me and I actually want to see it - it is about a 3.5 hour trip though so it sure won't be any time soon LOL - did you find a lot of things that you wanted and got or was it a wasted trip? I have only been in one when I visited my daughter - the place was huge and I wasn't buying as I had one suitcase!

  5. I managed to get clue #4 finished on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt last night and I quilted a turning twenty quilt yesterday that I had made some time ago. I need to finish the rest of the clues for the mystery and start a quilt for my nephew and his bride to be. The wedding is in March. I better get busy.
    Happy Stitching!

  6. This week I need to finish some design blocks for my sister-in-law, I need to think more proactively on goals for this year, and I need to get fabric for a commissioned quilt I'll be making. Your studio is going to be so nice with those shelves! Hope you have a productive Monday! Wendy at

  7. An Ikea trip has been on my "to-do" list since last summer. The nearest is about two hours away in Atlanta. Maybe one day.....

  8. A trip to Ikea is a fun adventure. Your new storage will be fun for you. We are on the home stretch here with floor installation. My whole house will soon look like your sewing room when we bring it all back in out of storage. I hope I gave away more than I think!

  9. I am always amazed at how much you accomplish each week. Congrats on a successful week last week and good luck this week.

    I'm still trying to organize my 2017 goals, without overwhelming myself.

  10. I want to finish RSC2015 this week. I mean completely finish, labelled and all. And finish the re-organisation of the sewing room. Why did I started that after Christmas is beyond me!! Good luck with your goals. ;^)

  11. I would love to have that much space for my sewing! Good luck on getting it all put back together.

  12. Oh,joy!! Brings back memories of my Decrapification Project from last Spring. Looking forward to getting a glimpse of your improvement!!

  13. Good luck with the organization! It's going to be great when your done!

  14. We went to a close IKEA on Monday forgetting that that was the last day of vacation for many folks. I-95 was a total mess -- just like the summer. And then IKEA was packed. Luckily our son met us there to pick up his dog we'd been keeping for him. He knew all the short cuts to get to the shelving we needed. Hubby had a good list so we were in and out in less than an hour. Not bad. Make sure you attach the unit to the wall if they give you something to do that with. I love mine.

  15. I like your idea of a list like that! Our closes IKEA is up by Chicago and I can't wait to go again and buy more goodies for my studio! Can't wait to see more of yours!

  16. I know that once you have it all reorganized you will be much happier and will be a lot more efficient. Pencil me in for the July hop and I'll let you know for sure soon.


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