Monday, September 11, 2017

Make-a-List Monday - What a Difference a Week Makes!

Hi, all!

Wow - hard to believe that a week ago I was at the beach.  And hard to believe that just over a week ago, I posted about our quilt ministry making pillowcases to send to Texas.  

A Heart For Texas was born out of that, as people wrote to ask if we could pass on their pillowcases too.  With the blessing of our church, we became a collection point for pillowcases and quilts that will be distributed in Texas to Hurricane Harvey survivors.  Eleven pillowcases came in on Friday. On Saturday, our group met, joined by the quilt ministry members from another local church, and made about 75 more cases.  

The pillowcase stash as of Saturday noon...
Today, this was what the mail looked like...

Those open boxes and piles represent 86 more pillowcases and 3 quilts, all for A Heart For Texas.  That effectively doubles the number of pillowcases we have - and it's only the beginning of the week!  I can't wait to see what else this week holds...

So - since I haven't had a list for the past two weeks, let's start fresh and see what's on tap for this week...

1.  Put maker/state tags on all the donated pillowcases and quilts as they come in.

2.  Make pillowcase kits to be used on Wednesday night and at our hands-on ministry area at our small-town festival this weekend.

3.  Finish preparations for the quilt show this weekend.

4.  Finish piecing the quilt top for the Free Spirit Fabric project.

5.  Quilt a top for a friend.

6.  Quilt tops for Stash Builder Box's September donation.

7.  Quilt tops for the quilt ministry to replenish our stock on hand.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Busy is good, right?  It certainly keeps me out of trouble, at least!  And I love being able to stay busy doing something I love - the best of both worlds!!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Holy cow, it looks like your idea really took off! I'm sure they will all be appreciated. Where do you get all your energy? I need some! :)

  2. I mailed three pillowcases today. Thank you for organizing this and making it easy to join in!

  3. They will be so appreciated, and loved.

  4. So glad that so many are helping out with the pillowcase drive. Mine will be in the mail soon. I will be working on those hopefully tonight. I will also be binding two quilts starting bright and early tomorrow while sitting at the hospital as DH is having yet another knee surgery. This is a revision knee replacement. Prayers appreciated for a healthy and speedy recovery.

  5. Mailed my oullowcases yesterday, thanks for organizing this! I am starting a new table runner and hoping to get a few tops ready for hand quilting and machine quilting.

  6. Well I just finished up the top for my latest scrappy critter quilt. So now I just need to add a border to a quilt top that will be a donation to Sunshine Quilts. But before I do that I have to work on a commissioned baby quilt with a short turn-around time frame. Should be easy, just need to enlarge one of the design elements for it and then I can start working on it.


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