Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I May Have a Scrap Problem... Wedges and Denim!

Hi, all!

I put a BIG note on my whiteboard to remind me to work on my wedge quilt this week - and it worked!  I did make some progress on it, and I'm really happy with how it's going!

The first thing I did was pin the arcs across the bottom of the quilt, lining up the edges against the raw edge.  

Then I stitched as close to the edge as possible around the inside of the arc.  I had previously pressed under 1/4" on both sides of the arcs.  After finishing the first row, I then laid in the second row, with the lower center of the arch exactly 16" above the bottom of the arch below it.  This seemed to work well, so I continued, just stitching the bottom part of the arch.  When I get all the rows laid in, I'll then go back and stitch the top part of the arch, from the top of the quilt down.

Here you can see how far I've gotten - I'm really loving the way this looks!  And I'm planning ahead - I found a back for this quilt when I went on my 70% off shopping spree at Joann's, so I'm all set when the top is finished!

So what are you working on what your scraps this week?  




  1. Your arc quilt is looking great, perfect. I hope you are keeping this one for yourself. Happy stitching!

  2. You got so much done! Amazing how it is coming together for you! I am working at the frame to get the embroidered quilt done so I can move on to the lap quilts I have in the queue!

  3. No scrap work, just purchased fabric projects. But I am getting stuff done, so it's all good!

  4. Wonderful quilt! I can't imagine how cleanly those edges would fold 1/4" with all those seams.

  5. This is looking great! I've been working on "scraps of time". Just finished my school year obligations at church and that means time to really sew instead of a few hours a week.

  6. That truly is a fabulous looking quilt! I'm working on Irish Stars.

  7. It's coming along nicely. Thanks for another peek. I decided to buy the book just because of this pattern.

  8. Your arcs and denim are looking mighty fine! I'm plugging along on some UFOs, adding borders and piecing backs. Not the most creative work, but an important part of the whole process :)


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