Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Dreaming of New Projects!

Hi, all!

This week I've been working on commission projects (mostly t-shirt quilts) and some things that needed to be finished for the quilt ministry, which has meant no time for sewing with my scraps.  I'm headed for a quilting retreat this weekend, though, and I'm bringing along a scrappy project - Nathanael's annual quilt - but that doesn't really help me for this blogpost!

But I have been dreaming of scrappy quilts this week, because I need to make a twin size quilt for the new bunk bed in the guest room.  Here are some of the ideas I'm tossing around...

Flutterby has been on my list for a while, and would certainly make good use of the plethora of scraps I have on hand.

And this modern postage stamp quilt would be quick and easy - but I think I want something a little more... more.

Amanda Jean's design, Candy Coated, is a great way to use up strings - and the good Lord knows I have a ton of those!  My version would definitely be more colorful than this, though.  But I love this low-volume version!

This is so simple, but has so much movement, and would work well with a wide variety of scraps - and it would look good with the scrappy Jacob's Ladder quilt I have on the lower bed.

This is always an option - I got the templates for Christmas last year - but it may take more time than I have to put into it right now.  But there's definitely one of these in my future soon!

So plenty to choose from, and reading my own comments above, it looks like I may have a winner - the hourglass block quilt - but I'm going to think on it while I'm at the quilt retreat and make a decision when I get back.

What are you dreaming of these days?  Do your dreams involve scraps, or are you dreaming of some new line of fabric?  That's the joy of using scraps - you can feel virtuous using them and reward yourself with something new!




  1. Flutterby is on my list too, I bought the book when it was first released, as you do! I read through the pattern earlier this year, if memory serves me right it’s a twelve inch block which uses templates. However, I worked out if you upscale it to ten inches you won’t need templates, just a standard tri rec for the HS rectangles. That’s my plan anyway, when I get back to quilting and get around to the pattern that is :-)

  2. Such beautiful quilt dreams! I like the modern postage stamp quilt!

  3. Can you tell me where to get the templates for the wedding ring quilt? I can't tell for sure from the pic, but it seems supersized, which would help me!

  4. Your Hourglass choice will be perfect! Colorful, scrappy and fun. Flutterby looks nice for the future. That's a pretty quilt.
    I am finishing a top today and will need to get to some quilting but I've been sewing some tiny bonus hst's that are going to need some attention. My loose scraps are starting to overwhelm the counter :-0

  5. Great dreams, and I am sure whatever you choose will be perfect. The others may have a time when they rise up to the top of the list!

  6. Thanks for sharing such neat ideas today!

  7. All nice patterns, and yours will be pretty whichever you choose. I also am a bit partial to the hourglasses.

  8. I love Flutterby. It's different. I'm dreaming of finishing my 365 Challenge. One block at a time ... i'll get there, one block at a time. ;^)

  9. Well, I'm torn between the hourglass pattern and the Flutterby! I'm sure you'll have a great decision when you return from retreat! Enjoy yourself!!

  10. Hourglass is such a classic block, I gotta make another quilt that way. Have you tried the method that starts with two four-patches, sew them together around the perimeter, then cut on the diagonals? It's super for scrappy, really mixes up the 8 original squares. I love how each block is a little surprise when you open them up :)

  11. I love the hourglass one. Yes, I dream of quilts I want to make as well.

  12. Flutterby has been on my list, too. I'd say Hourglass, but I just finished umpty billion HST and need to step away from that for a bit. But that doesn't mean you can do it so I can watch! Enjoy your retreat.

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