Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... An Idea, and Some Inspiration!

Hi, all!

Scraps really do multiply, don't they?  It seems like most of the quilts I've been making are scrappy ones, but the piles don't get any smaller!  So I keep watching out for inspiration - and wow, is it out there!  Here's just a few of the beautiful quilts I've seen lately...

I love the colors in this one - all those bold saturated prints really make a statement, don't they?

Looks like I've got a thing for saturated colors, doesn't it?  But the bold shapes in this one make me smile.

Nothing like a great way to use up interesting shapes and narrow strips, right?  This would make a pretty table topper...

I've seen this block before but haven't tried it yet.  Maybe it's time!

Did you see all the beautiful string quilts on Instagram recently? This was one of my favorites!

This is an interesting quilt, isn't it?  Maybe a way to use up some of those bonus HSTs....

This quilt has such a wonderful vintage flair - a sashed nine-patch!  The sashing is unusually wide, which gives it a very distinctive look.

Isn't this wonderful?  If I can figure out the layout of the design, I may add this to my bucket list to use up some of my solid scraps!

This isn't necessarily scrappy, but isn't it interesting?  I could see it done in scraps or even those leftover bits of yardage...

And isn't this pretty?  Another way to use strings but so refreshing with the hourglass blocks added in!

And now, here's the idea I promised at the beginning.

When we make quilt backs at church, we usually sew two lengths of yardage the required width of the back together, then load it on the frame.  When the quilt is finished, we cut off the leftover length, which usually leaves us with a piece of fabric approximately 20" x 64".  To make this quilt, one of our ministry members took a bunch of those leftover pieces, cut them into varying widths, still about 60-64" wide, and sewed them together.  Then she made two vertical cuts in the new piece of made fabric, and inverted the center piece. Two strips of solid sashing between the sections, and voila, a new quilt!  Easy to make to whatever size you want - in this case we needed twin size, so we sewed a lot of strips together!


Hope you're feeling inspired for a new batch of scrappy sewing now!




  1. A wonderful way to use that extra backing, and inverting the strips that way, a whole new design so easily

  2. So much scrappy goodness here!! My 'To make' list just keeps growing but I guess that's OK because my scrap bins just keep growing too!

  3. so early in the day of all that!

  4. I love the vintage quilt and have saved the image to try to copy that simple pattern. And the one pictured right below the vintage quilt is fantastic!
    Love the backing-turned-quilt idea.

  5. Nice inspiration-i like the one in solids with varying sized blocks (makemodern)

  6. Decisions, decisions! So many lovely choices.

  7. I save backing strips and now I know what to do with them.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE that strippy quilt!

  9. So many wonderful scrappy quilt ideas.

  10. I love the chevrons of strings so much I added it to my inspiration file. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you for including my quilt!

  12. Your picks would be mine, too. I'm always a sucker for an easy, colorful make. Thanks for sharing details on how you do things quickly with your charity quilts. Oversizing the backing makes it possible to float all three layers when using a magnet to anchor it to the belly bar, and sure saves time. Great tip!

  13. I have been trying to figure out a rsc project for next year. It will be my first year participating. I love that rainbow string chevron quilt. It is now on my to do list. Going to try to work down a bunch of fat quarters as well as scrappy strings. Thanks for the inspiration!


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