Monday, April 22, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - Plugging Away!

Hi, all!

Welcome to another beautiful week!  After a weekend of highs in the 40's (WHAT???) the sun has returned and the weather is finally looking like late spring!  I got a wild hair today and decided to plant some more pretties in my front planter - after all, it needed weeding, and if I had to do that, I needed an incentive...

Lowe's helped out with a great sale on Stella d'Oro day lilies, and I splurged a little bit on some gorgeous yellow azaleas and the prettiest orange azalea I've ever seen - I can't wait until they bloom out!  

And I actually got them all planted, too!  I've learned the hard way - I don't buy any more than I plan to put in the ground right then.  Yard work is not my favorite thing to do, although I do love the results!  So now my front flower bed has five burning bush shrubs, four Stella d'Oro day lily plants, and four azaleas, two each of yellow and orange.  I feel so accomplished!

So let's see how last week's list went, now that I've showed you just a little bit of what else I've been working on...

1.  Put some serious time into repair work on the vintage quilt.
Done!  I've finished stitching the popped seams (I hope!) 

and have marked all the places that need more serious patching. You can see all the work that's yet to go by counting all those pink post-it notes!

Fortunately, the quilter who made this used a blanket as the batting layer... the quilt is much more repairable than it normally would be.  There are only a couple of places where the inner blanket needs repair, as you can see here.

2.  Try out my double wedding ring templates.
Done!  I had fun with this, although I don't think I'd want to do a whole quilt - at least, not yet!  But I think this will make a nice table runner!

3.  Clean out the grandkids' toy closet.  (It hasn't been done in a long time and there's a bunch of stuff they're too old for in there!)
Done!  I winnowed out all the toys they didn't play with any more and that were too young for them, and re-organized it all... now it's a little easier to find what they want to play with.  And as a bonus, I took this big bag of toys to the place where the littles do their speech therapy, to replenish the toy closet there!

4.  Paint the stair risers while my hubby is out of town.
Oh well, I didn't get to this one.  Someday...

5.  Post the non-blogger Hands2Help updates that have been hitting my inbox this week!
Done!  You can see all their beautiful quilts in this post.

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
It was a quiet week - I guess everyone was busy getting ready for Easter!

But meanwhile, I did a few other things this week, like cut up a bunch of scraps....

...start on a new quilt I'm calling Hygge Sparkle Pop (I'll explain that after I finish it!)...

...and saved a LOT of money at Joann's today as I purchased some large yardage pieces for backings for the quilt ministry!

And one final fun thing that happened last week...

We had an unexpected visitor!  Buttercup found a low spot in her fence and went between hers and ours until she found another low spot, then started feasting on our (apparently much greener) grass!

Her companions (JJ, Flash, and Thunder, left to right), were not impressed!  But they did come over to say hello (and to munch on some bananas I cut up for them!)  Buttercup's owner came over and rescued her, and fixed the fence.  Now she just comes over and looks wistfully across the fence at all our nice green grass.....

So that was my week last week.  Pretty full and eventful, and that doesn't even include Easter Sunday!  This week should be a little easier - here's what's on my horizon right now.

1.  Keep working on the vintage quilt repair.

2.  Continue making blocks for Hygge Sparkle Pop.

3.  Start cutting fabrics for a special project.

4.  Get some more day lilies and replant a pair of galvanized tubs.

5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Some big projects that will take some time, so I'm keeping the list short this week.  Still enough to keep me busy, though, I'm sure!

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Wow! You have been an active lady! I also only purchase the plants I can reasonably plant that day/the next morning. Thank you for sharing your progress on the vintage quilt repair. It's quite inspiring!

  2. I agree with buying then planting, your garden will be a delight with yellow and oranges.

  3. We too have been busy in our gardens - cleaning out leaves and pruning etc. Beautiful additions to your garden - and lovely achievements in so many different areas. I finally pulled out 3 WIP quilt tops, that I had bought backings for, and realized that those quilt tops had already been waiting '2' years to be finished. Time sure flies :)!! Hope to quilt them this week.

  4. I think I need to go to Lowe's! I don't think I've ever seen an orange azalea! That is so unique. Thanks for sharing your done and "to be done" lists with us!!

    I'm sure the therapists and children appreciated the toy donation. My daughter is a speech therapist in our local school system and loves here babies. She works with preschool and kindergartners and even does some home and day care visits with them. She loves it, but is ready for the summer! LOL

  5. You can’t beat Stella Doro lilies and the burning bush for all season color. Here in Wisconsin the lilies are planted everywhere in public places, along with Russian sage. Keep up the good work!

  6. Keep an eye on those burning bush shrubs. I can't tell how wide your planting area is but they could easily outgrow that space and block the sidewalk. It's very hard in spring to not succumb to the temptations at the garden center. Kind of like going into a fabric store.

  7. I can appreciate all the work that goes into the vintage quilt repair! If you are on a roll, I need to clean out the grands' closet here, too! lol
    Beautiful visitor-sneaky though!

  8. "Hygge Sparkle Pop"? I'd say this seems to be an oxymoron, but I await your explanation when the time is right. And who doesn't need a new pony?!

  9. clean the oven is on the list again this week...remains to be seen if it actually gets done...but more civil war blocks will be done i know!


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