Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Trying New Things!

Hi, all!

After last week's quilting marathon, I decided it was time to do something fun and different.  So as I was casting around for what that could be, I remembered that my goal for this month, scrap-wise, was to try out my double wedding ring templates...

So I grabbed some leftover fat quarters of Make Life by Sweetwater (thanks, Renegade Quilter!) and my tiniest rotary cutter and started cutting!

The templates were great - very easy to cut out, especially since I have that tiny rotary cutter. The smaller the wheel, the easier it goes around those curves!  Assembly was a little trickier - I put half of the first circle together before I really got a feel for it...

...but by the next morning I had slept on it, and the correct sequence of construction came clear!  The second half went much easier than the first....

...and I've almost completed the second ring!  I'm trying to decide whether to make a table runner or a decorative runner for the foot of my bed.  I guess that depends on how much Make Life I have left!

So that's what's going on in my neck of the woods!  I'm beginning to feel comfortable sewing curves - I can't say it's fun yet, but it's getting there.  

Have you been doing anything fun with your scraps?  Enquiring minds what to know!




  1. Wow, that is wonderful, and a smaller cutter wheel, I think, is really necessary for those small curves.

  2. Wow! Loving your new project with all of those curvy curves.

  3. I like it - I find I can't cut very well while holding a template in place and usually draw around the template move the template out of the way and cut - do you use something on the bottom of the template to keep them from shifting?

  4. I'm working on Metro Rings which is like a modern wedding ring. I'm doing several projects with curves this year. Can't say I've enjoy curves but hopefully I'm going to like the finished projects and say it was worth it.

  5. Your rings look wonderful and you did a great job of sewing them together! They lay nice and flat. Last year I took apart a vintage DWR quilt (it's a long story), recut the pieces and sewed it back together. What a job! I had to make my own templates since the templates out there in the marketplace were not even close to the size I needed. As far as my scraps go, well they keep piling up! LOL!!!

  6. I love your rings :-) I kind of love sewing curves as I'm amazed that they come together without pins! They do take a lot of time though so it's not something I jump at. Ha!
    Only a teeny bit of sewing happening here. My sis is staying with us till her escrow closes next week. She is now a Cambrian! We are thrilled :-)

  7. that does look like fun! And it is great when the construction does finally "kick in" to the brain and then you almost can't sew fast enough! I really like your choice of fabrics. Whatever you decide to make will be lovely.

  8. I've been sewing blocks for my guild's retreat in June. We'll put together everybody's blocks into tops, so it's all mix and match. That means I only need to choose kid-friendly fabric combos for one block at a time. Each one can be stand-alone fun with no further planning!

  9. It looks great so far. Can't wait to see more.

  10. Wedding Ring quilt is on my list, may be next after Star of Chamblie! It is so much fun to challenge ourselves as quilters by working on more difficult quilts. Also, the more you make the easier and faster it will go. I will use Marti Michell's templates, or Shar Jorgensen's it will be fun! There are 2 or 3 different versions to make this quilt. Your blocks are looking great.


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