Monday, September 21, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Fall Is In The Air!


Hi, all!

Well, we have had a beautiful turn to the weather, with nights in the fifties and days in the seventies - it feels like fall!  I am so ready for the change of season, and I bet you are too.  After all, fall is quilting season!  

Let's take a look at last week's list...

1.  Keep working on the dinosaur quilt blocks.
I'm happy to say I made some progress here...

2.  Check my other fabric sources to see if I can find the commission quilt fabrics in stock anywhere.
Success!  I found one piece locally and another at an on-line shop, so once it arrives, I'll have all I need to finish the two commission quilts.

3.  Work on organization in the studio (work in the new stuff from my friend.)
I didn't get to this.

4.  Cut out another Plaid-ish quilt.
Or this.

5.  Take some recent donations to church and drop them off.
Or this!  I should have, as I had to go by there this morning to pick up a couple of ministry quilts, but I forgot to grab the stuff when I went.

So these two quilts went out for the quilt ministry this morning...

This quilt went to a new baby girl...

...and this one to a six year old girl diagnosed for 
the second time with cancer.

I also managed to finish the second commission quilt top - it's amazing what a difference the color change makes!  The quilts are made by the same pattern but look very different.

And on Saturday, we went to the zoo!  It was hard to get a pic of everyone when they were looking - for some reason they are all going through a "don't take my picture" phase - but at least I got one when they weren't aware!  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

So what am I working on this week?

1.  Work on a special secret project.

2.  Keep working on the dinosaur blocks - stegosaurus is up next!

3.  Make backs for the commission quilts.

4.  Baste the two commission quilts.

5.  Put the quilt ministry donations in my car so they will be there already when I head that way!

I really need to get out of the coronavirus funk and back on track again, but it does feel nice to go a little bit slower.  Any one else having that experience?  

And now, the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Lovely ministry quilts, one for joy, one for comfort at a sad time, and zoo pics, that looks like fun for all.

  2. Looks like you are doing plenty. Hope your house sold. It is time for us all to break out of the funk and live gratefully each day, not in fear. I'm ready.

  3. Always fun to see what you are up to, and you seem to get so much done each week! Chuckling at the zoo picture; they will get a chuckle out of that one some day. Today I'm binding a quilt, then I need to plan out some quilts that I've been ignoring. :-)

  4. Yes, the pandemic funk is real. Combined with wacky weather, a divisive election season, social justice unrest and the punch in the gut death of RBG, it's hard to gt motivated. But I did get the long overdue baby quilt quilted and now just have to sew down the binding and make a label. Cooler weather, having arrived, means I've lost one of my excuses for inaction.

  5. I'm doing yard work :-) the pandemic fog has still bogged my sewing. I did however sew 2 leaves and a flower on my stalled applique project. Hurrah!

  6. I am trying to get my 80 Court House Step blocks together...since they don't all fit on my wall -- I am attempting to do this piecemeal...
    That's my latest project...
    Also doing hand embroidery to rest up from arranging and re-arranging those blocks...;000
    Hugs, Julierose

  7. You’ve made great progress! Well done. Does anyone know where I can find the ABC123 baby quilt?

  8. The funk is real. I feel like I should be getting so much more accomplished than I am. But overall we're doing okay here, so there's that. I just realized I hadn't seen you post anything on FB for a while and I see why. I'm thinking of doing the same. Project-wise, I have all my string squares done and have moved on to a wedding quilt, which I'm not blogging about so as not to spoil the surprise...not that I'm blogging about anything lately. See "funk." All the best to you! A day at the zoo sounds amazing. Glad you had fun!


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