Wednesday, September 2, 2020

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But Plaidish May Be The Cure!


Hi, all!

It took a vacation to give me some time to do some scrappy sewing, but hey, I'll take it when I can get it!  You may remember a few weeks ago when Lilli and I spent an afternoon together pulling fabrics...

...which I then turned into a kit and tucked away for vacation.  It took all my will power not to dig right in - but there were other quilts that took precedence.

Someone was looking out for me, though, because when we got to Perdido Key we had two rainy days that kept us from enjoying the beach (although not the balcony!)  And that meant sewing time for me!  It all began with one block...

...and that one was so much fun that, rather like potato chips, I couldn't stop at just one!  Soon the low volume blocks joined the dark blocks, and shortly after that the bright blocks - although I was so excited about those that I forgot to take a picture!

As soon as I had enough of the bright blocks, I laid out a bit of the quilt so I could see what it would look like.  It's always a mystery to me what a truly scrappy quilt will look like, and this one was made of fabrics chosen by my granddaughter, so I really didn't know!  But I was happy with this initial peek...

...and once all the blocks were finished, I laid it out and finished it right up!  One thing I really liked about this quilt - I didn't fiddle around with the layout at all.  I just laid out the blocks as they came off each stack, and the layout pleases me!  

I do think the next time I make this quilt (and there will DEFINITELY be a next time!) I will be sure that there is more difference between my dark blocks and some of my "medium" fabrics.  I had a few that were on the darker side and I wish there was a little more differentiation.  Live and learn!  But I really like this quilt, and it was fast and easy.  All of the pieces were cut from 5" squares, a size I routinely cut my scraps into.  Because it is truly scrappy, I just laid my pieces out in the block layout and chain pieced each block together.  I'm guessing that it probably went from kit to pieced top in about ten hours of sewing.  Not bad!

The pattern is Plaid-ish, and it's a freebie from Kitchen Table Quilting. You can find the free download by clicking here.

And just to prove I'm really at the beach, meet one of our companions from earlier this week!  My husband was his best friend - catching catfish that he would have thrown back but for this guy's insatiable appetite!




  1. Great finish and quick! I’ve wanted to try a plaid-ish quilt but there are so many on my list. You have inspired me to start putting together a scrap kit. Thanks

  2. Your granddaughter has a good eye for color - that quilt is beautiful! I keep seeing it pop up on social media and now I may have to add it to my list, too...the ever-growing list...

  3. Oh, love this idea....gonna get the pattern ready for a cleaning of the studio!

  4. This looks so great!! I saved the pattern ... for someday!!

  5. Great quilt for vacation sewing. Glad you're enjoying the beach!

  6. Love, love, LOVE your vacation quilt top, Sarah!!!

  7. You can tell Lilli that I think she has impeccable taste in coordinating fabrics! Is she for rent?? :) This looks like a perfect scrappy quilt that really isn't made from scraps...gonna try this one myself! Thanks so much!

  8. You have inspired me to sort my scraps and start cutting.

  9. Love this quilt. what a great pattern!

  10. OK, I am so inspired, I have to go make myself a kit. I wonder if I could borrow your granddaughter for a day! Terrific job!

  11. This quilt turned out beautifully! There is definitely a nice flow between light and darks--you and Lily packed good patches! lol Hope the vacation is going well-you've made the heron happy!

  12. I did download the pattern of this quilt as I fell in love with it at first glance. Love your rendition. I do understand the issue with the medium fabric being on the darker side. Enjoy the vacation. ;^)

  13. Now you've made me add another quilt to my ever-expanding list of projects. This would make a great man quilt. Enjoy the rest of your beach vacation.

  14. Your Plaidish turned out so great! I don't think there's any problem with the values, although I have the same feeling about my own version. We are our own hardest critics! I'm sure if you saw mine you'd think it was just fine. It really is a fabulous and versatile pattern :)

  15. Love how it turned out and thanks for the tips. I have the pattern and it’s on my bucket list

  16. Hi Sarah! Cute, cute, cute! And thank you so much for sharing the link to the pattern. I am going to check it out right away. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. It looks wonderful! Inspiring me to give one a try. So thank you so much for sharing the link and your tips! And your beach picture as well. I LOVE the beach...

  18. Of course it's a fabulous quilt, but I love the colors you used just as they are. It reminds me of the silk taffeta dresses I used to wear on holidays when I was a young girl. The lights, placed where they are, give it that same feeling of rustly sheen. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

  19. This is a really cool design! And beautifully made!

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Comments make me smile!! If you want a PDF of a pattern, PLEASE leave your email address in your comment, or email me directly at salliesue57 (at) gmail (dot) com!