Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Make-A-List Wednesday (oops) and Scrappy Wednesday Rolled Into One....

Hi, all!

Well, vacation has arrived and my brain cells have checked out - I completely lost track of what day of the week it was!  But when I realized it was Tuesday, I decided I could just combine a Monday and a Wednesday post, since I've got something fun to share to help conquer your scrap problems. 

So first of all, last week's list...

1.  Write Sunday's "Meet the Sponsors" H2H post.
Done- and if you haven't seen all the great stuff that's been donated as "thank you"s for the Hands2Help participants, you should check out this post!

2.  Take photos of the shirts for the next memory quilt so I can plan while on vacation.
Done!  I've already worked on the plan a little bit - I have a good idea of how many blocks I need to cut from each shirt and how to work in all the extra memorabilia.

3.  Throw a graph book in my bag for catching ideas on the fly!
Done - and a good thing, because I had a couple of good ideas today and I was glad I had a safe place to record them!

So I did finish what I planned to do - hooray!   This week I have a few things I need to do, even though I'm on vacation, so here's the list...

1.  Add an intro and closing to the first guest blogger post for H2H.

2.  Keep working on the vacation quilt.

3.  Work on a plan for the 12 Days of Christmas in July quilt-along.

4.  Have LOTS of fun with the grands!

I've been working on my vacation quilt this week, and it's making good progress...

I've still got seven of the star blocks to make - they take a good bit longer than the square blocks, but they are fun!   Sometimes I get one or two made in a day if the kids are busy playing a game, but not always, so it may not be finished before we leave, but it's a good start!

And now for the Scrappy Wednesday part - These Clever Hands (@thesecleverhands on Instagram, or you can find her blogpost here) is hosting a sew-along of her new pattern, Me Sew Happy, beginning April 1st and running through May 13th.  Four simple blocks and no more than four per week, and just look - doesn't it make you smile??

She's also doing giveaways every week so if you want to join in, go check out her blog or Instagram feed right now.  This looks like it will be a fantastic scrap buster, or maybe a way to use up those random fat quarters that clutter up your stash.  I've got several ideas rolling around in my head!

So now, I have two questions - what are YOU working on this week, and will you be joining in the Me Sew Happy sew along?




  1. glad you are having a great time! The new quilt is shaping up beautifully! Relax and enjoy.

  2. Really enjoy your blog! I'm quilting a quilt for a friend today and then working on some Spring potholders for fun. I've also downloaded the pattern for "Me Sew Happy" and plan on joining in tomorrow. Thanks for all you do.

  3. I'm putting the binding on a baby quilt (no not for H2H) and then getting serious about planning which quilts to finish for H2H.

  4. I have one quilt sitting at the long arm service, am sewing the binding on a second one, and have a new one ready for cutting. One of these will go to the Little Lambs Foundation for H2H.

  5. I'm working on getting my longarm back in working order. That was interrupted by my 2nd Covid vaccine, but once the machine is running I'll be back to quilting the TWO quilts that are loaded and waiting there.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Sarah! I love your blog - so much fabulous info here!! I'll look forward to seeing your #mesewhappyquilt blossom! Jo x


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