Monday, September 27, 2021

Make-A-List Monday - Chugging Right Along!

Hi, all!

Welcome to a new week!  Fall seems to be flirting with us as the leaves on the trees try on little hints of color and the weather gets cooler.  My favorite season!  Plus fall and winter just seem to be made for quilting, don't they?  And I've definitely been doing some of that this week.  So let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Make a back for the hockey quilt.
Done, but no picture - it's just a plain old back!

2.  Quilt at least one of the grands' annual quilts.
Done - and not just one, but two!  AND I made bonus pillowcases out of the leftover quilt backing!

3.  Work on some fun Christmas pillow covers.
This is in progress.  Lilli and I did some seam ripping and pressing to get the blocks ready to become pillow covers, but that's as far as I got.

4.  Lay out and assemble the blocks from my vacation quilt.
Lilli and I laid out the entire quilt last week, and then stacked it in numbered columns - and I got half of the quilt assembled too!  I will be quilting this in halves, then joining the two together - a work-around because my quilt frame isn't large enough for the whole quilt!

5.  Make a few more blocks for my Endless Summer lap quilt.
I did sort through these blocks and take a count, but didn't make any more.  For some reason I had originally planned to make a king size version of this quilt (what was I thinking???) and I only have 25 blocks made so far.  I think I'm going to regroup and make a nice lap size quilt, which will only require another 39 blocks.  Much more manageable!

But don't think I was just lazing around when I wasn't working on those Endless Summer blocks - I was chasing squirrels!

I saw this quilt in the most recent BLOCK magazine, and it's been screaming at me to be made ever since.  So I decided I deserved a little squirrel time!  I already had all the fabric you see, so it was also a stash buster.  Win/win!!

So a good week, all in all!  I had a wonderful time working on finishing things up, and look forward to doing some more this week.  Here's what I'm hoping to get done....

1.  Quilt the hockey quilt.

2.  Assemble the second half of my vacation quilt.

3.  Work on the Christmas pillow covers.

4.  Make some Endless Summer blocks.

5.  Quilt the cat wall hanging.

If I get all of this done, I'll just keep plugging along on the WIPs-B-Gone list - there's plenty of fun things to do there!

So now, I only have one burning question - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Two quilts and pillowcases, wonderful progress all round. And the last one, bright and beautiful.

  2. You really are chugging right along! Beautiful finishes, Sarah. I love the soft colors of that vacation quilt; it reminds me of sea glass. And that "spool of many colors" is fabulous!!

  3. You made great progress last week. Love the kid's quilts...that unicorn is so sweet.

    I joined the WIPS-B-GONE challenge after seeing it on your blog last week. So far, I've met one goal and one my way to the second.

  4. What is the name of the unicorn quilt? Very cute. You always do such a fantastic job.

  5. I really like your 'squirrel quilt'! How cheerful and creative!

  6. Great quilts for your grandchildren, and the squirrel quilt is stunning.

  7. I am loving this vacation quilt. I marked it on IG and am going to do one for myself. Love the colors!


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