Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Make-a-List Monday - Wait, What? Tuesday?

Hi, all!

Whoops!  Holiday weekends always mess up my internal blogging calendar - I completely forgot yesterday was Monday!  My husband and I spent a lot of time this past weekend cleaning out and organizing the garage in hopes of getting at least one car in it this winter so I didn't get much done on my list after Friday morning, but let's see how it went...

1.  Make a back for Nathanael's quilt.
Done!  No picture, but I found a great blue and green sea turtle print that looks perfect with it!

2.  Make a back for a friend's quilt.
3.  Load that quilt on the frame and get'r done!
Done!  I'm happy to say that this quilt...

...is going to join this one....

...in a big box headed to Florida!  They are long past due but I hope my friend loves them as much as I loved working on them!

4.  Load up the memory quilts backing on the frame and start quilting them.  
I did get the backing loaded on the frame and the first quilt is pinned on and ready to go, but I didn't get any further this week.

5.  Start cutting and piecing a Christmas gift quilt.
Started!  I can't show this one on Instagram, but I'm fairly sure the recipient doesn't read my blog, so I'll show peeks here.  I've gotten further than this, but it's the only picture I had on my phone.  I'm past the tough part of this pattern, so the rest should go together pretty quickly.

6.  Find and make a back for Emmy's quilt.
Done!  No picture of this one either, but I found the perfect print - rainbows and unicorns on bright pink!  

7.  Start repairing and re-assembling the vintage quilt top.
I didn't get to this one at all.

So actually, not a bad week considering I didn't do much at all (quilting-wise) over the four-day weekend!  But my road for this week is pretty clear, so here's what I'm planning to get done...

1.  Quilt the three memory quilts.

2.  Ship my friend's quilts to her.

3.  Finish piecing the hockey quilt.

4.  Start repairing and re-assembling the vintage quilt top.

5.  Pack up the three memory quilts for shipping.

I'm going to keep this list short and sweet and hopefully will get to everything on it!  It would be really nice to report back that I not only finished the list, but did some extra stuff too.  We shall see!

And now the big question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I made a Hockey quilt….enjoy the fun of it! I used all the cut offs to make an improv quilt as well.

  2. Oh, I think you've done admirably!!! What beautiful two quilts to send off to your friend!

  3. would love to see a picture of the garage..... and how much progress you made......

  4. For some reason, those memory quilts just speak to me. Don't know if it's the striped borders or the simplicity of the HSTs, but I just love them. I expect the recipients will love them, too.


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