Sunday, March 26, 2023

Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge Week #2 - The Schedule!!


Hi, all!

Slowly but surely, at least on my end, things are moving along for this year's Challenge!  To date, we have 83 people signed up to participate, and I so love seeing both all the old friends on the list and the new ones we get to make as we go!! There's still plenty of time to sign up to participate, and don't worry - there's no horrible pressure or major commitment!  It's not the end of the world if you have to drop out along the way - so go ahead and sign up if you are interested!  There will be fun things going on here every Sunday to keep you engaged (and to keep the Challenge top of mind!) so choose a way to follow the blog if you want to keep updated.  I like following by email best, because every time there's a new post on a blog I'm interested in, it shows up in my inbox.  But you do you!

This week I'm going to share the calendar for the Challenge this year.  We've got some great guest bloggers in the works, plus we'll be doing some giveaways along the way specifically for those who are signed up for the Challenge (another reason to fill out that form!).  Here's the plan....


19 - First day of signups

26 - Signups continue, calendar shared


2 - Guest Blogger

9 - Guest Blogger

16 - Check-in and Giveaway!

23 - Guest Blogger

30 - Guest Blogger


7 - Check-in and Giveaway!

14 - Guest Blogger

21 - Guest Blogger

28 - Final Link-up Begins


4 - Final Count and Giveaway!

There will be some changes this year as we strive to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.  Bear with me as we work through all this together!

If you missed the signups post last week, here's the form again.  NOTE:  You will need to scroll down through multiple questions, then PRESS SUBMIT to complete your signup.  Please don't miss that step!  You will receive an immediate confirmation that you have completed the form after you submit the form.

Are you working on your quilts yet?  I know I have several going in my head as I sit here on a deck looking out at Mobile Bay - but no sewing machine this week, so no quilt tops for me!  Once I get home (and the taxes are done!) though, Katie bar the door!  



PS If you have talked to me about doing a guest post this year, please check your email so we can get the schedule finished!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to participating again this year! Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. I am new to H2H. Is there a place for information on what types and sizes you want?

  3. Just signed up. It seems that the preponderance of my quilts are donations nowadays. Better that than to have a mountain of quilts (and/or a mountain of flimsies) in my estate sale!

  4. I missed last week's sign-ups, but took care of the just now. Enjoy your vacation, Sarah!

  5. Sarah, I just tried to sign up. I thought I was successful, but did not receive the confirmation.

  6. Hmm, I thought I had signed up, but you mentioned getting an immediate confirmation and I don't think that happened. Did you mean an email confirmation? Didn't get that.

  7. I have just signed up, a little late but I just found you. I would like to follow your blog but I don't see a place to request that could you add me as a follower, please? ohhhcomet (at)


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