Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Strings, Strings Everywhere!

Hi, all!

Well, despite all efforts to avoid it, Tuesday snuck up on me, and I almost forgot to write a scrappy blogpost for Wednesday!  But here I am, with a little bit of a fun quilt to share!  Here's the story...

It all started with this picture that I found on Pinterest.  Suddenly the huge pile of strings we have at church took on a different glamour!  And so, using a 5" square for the center, I started going around the square with those strings.  My only requirement was that they be straight and even.  Round and round and round I went, until my block measured around 18" square, and I could get a full 8.5" block from the center of the 5" square towards all four corners.

After I finished two of the 18" blocks and cut them into quarters, I arranged this on the design wall.  Back to the sewing machine to make more blocks....

...and after cutting them into quarters, I decided to try a different arrangement.  I like this a little bit better, and it makes the blocks more like log cabins than bento boxes.  Awfully busy, though, with not much place for the eye to rest.

I decided to add sashing strips to two sides of each block (much easier than trying to keep the blocks in line with long sashing) and came up with this arrangement.  I like this - it calms it down and lets the scraps shine a little brighter!

Some setting triangles and corners (thank heavens for the Robert Kaufman quilting calculator app that does the math for me!) and a border, and this quilt top is in the books!  I was working at church every morning last week while the kiddos were in Vacation Bible School, and managed to finish this in probably about 8-10 hours of work.  

So that's my scrappy accomplishment for the week!  I'm sorry to say it didn't make much of a dent in the strings bucket, though - we may need to have a sewing day where we make a lot of these blocks and turn them into quilt tops.  I think that might make a dent!

What do you do to tame YOUR string box/bin/hamper/closet?




  1. I do like it with the sashing, the strings and blocks shine on their own that way.

    1. Thanks, Jean! And gray is one of my favorite "neutrals" - I was happy we had enough for all the background on hand!

  2. Love that you added the sashing.

  3. thanks for mentioning the app. I'm a new quilter and know it will come in handy.

  4. What a fun quilt to make. I love using strings. I made 100 string blocks for Covered In Love's winter block drive. They are addictive, but they didn't make a dent in my string pile. I'll have to try your idea to use more of them.

  5. cutting up half a canvas tote full of muslin scraps....determined to see it empty!

  6. I love this! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I love this! I am definitely going to give it a try!
    The grey really made the scraps pop-nice move!

  8. I do like how that turned out. I would be interested to see a before and after picture of the strip bin when you ladies have worked together a couple of days on them.

  9. I love it---but "scraps" NEVER go away. They are like clothes hangers in the closet--they just keep multiplying in the dark :-) So always keep a light on in your sewing/stash area :-)

  10. It turned out great and I do like it better on point with the sashing!

  11. The on-point setting really punches these scraps up a notch! Very dynamic and fun. So far, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is keeping my string scraps under control, since I try to empty the bin with each month's color in it. Occasionally I just purge a really stuffed bin with a big project. It really helps to have them pre-sorted by color!
    louise dot hornor at gmail

  12. The grey is just right with those strings, Sarah. Right now I'm actually making more strings of batiks. They are for a 60x60 wallhanging for my bedroom. So they will get used. I'm donating from my stash to a church Quilting group. Unfortunately I would feel ashamed to donate my strips, so they just sit and wait.

  13. Yes the addition of the gray sashing is perfect. I like the idea of using up the bits that way and may try to find time to do that myself.

  14. Iam a scrapoholic,One of my favourite methods is to use my mile a minute blocks in the disappearing 9 patch patterns .I always colour code my scraps


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