Monday, June 11, 2018

Make-A-List Monday - It's a Week for Blog Work!

Hi, all!

I'm so afraid of losing track of my days this week - we're traveling so everything is a little bit out of whack - but I did remember that today is Monday, and that means it's time for a new to-do list!  But first, let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Get the last H2H packages in the mail.
Done!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Here's a picture of the very. last. package...

2.  Pick out some handwork projects for vacation.
Done!  I've got a hexie project with me, but I think I'm going to be concentrating on some blog updates and administration projects mostly.  A blogger's job is never done!

3.  Try to quilt the turtle quilt (already on the frame).
Oh, for shame... it still looks just like this!  I'm afraid it's going to have to wait a week or so until I'm back in town...

4.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We did give away a few quilts this week...

This quilt went to a man with unexplained lesions on his liver.  This was a particularly interesting quilt to give this man - it was made by a man in our group, from a pattern written by a man in a book he published.  So don't tell me that men can't quilt!

This quilt went to a 13-year old recently diagnosed with lung cancer (how in the world does something like that happen?)...

...and this quilt went to a gentleman who is on a ventilator in the hospital.  This is a "first quilt" by one of our newest members.

So that's how the week went last week.  I really wanted to do at least some of the quilting on the turtle quilt, but time (and energy) just didn't allow for it.  There really isn't any tired quite as tired as vacation Bible school tired!

And as to what's on my schedule for this week, we'll be traveling a good bit, so it's a good week to do blog maintenance and some administrative stuff for the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop!  By the way, if you're interested in being one of the stops on the hop (it runs from 7/14-7/25), there are still a few slots available.  Oh, we've got enough for at least two every day, but I have a few of three-fers and could fill in the rest if anyone is interested in participating.  Just drop me an email at salliesue57 (at) gmail (dot) com if you want more info.

So here's my plan for the week:

1.  Finalize the schedule of bloggers for the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop.

2.  Write the tutorial for the quilt-along quilt that will be on my blog during the hop.

3.  Add new tutorials to the Tutorials Page on my blog.

4.  Write my Monday, Wednesday and Friday blogposts. (Partly done, now that you're reading this!)

5.  Read a book for my husband (research so he doesn't have to!)

6.  Update the quilt ministry "quilts donated" list.

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

So mostly computer work that has been sadly neglected for the past month or so - and enough to keep me out of trouble!  That's probably a good thing...

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?



PS Just for smiles, if you want to see my granddaughters dancing together at the end of VBS this year, watch this 2:30 video!  Emmy was so excited about dancing just like her big sister - Emmy is the one in the watermelon socks on the floor, and Lilli is just above her on the platform - she's the one Emmy is watching to be sure she's doing it right!


  1. Thanks for letting me show off my grandgirls, y'all!

  2. Grandies, the best of all to see them there. what joy and pride and a great delight, for you and for us.

  3. your grandgirls are adorable! Enjoy your vacation; I'm sure it's well earned.

  4. What a sweet video. For the record, Emmy is doing much better than I would be at keeping up with that coordinated dancing! Enjoy your vacation.

  5. Your granddaughters are adorable!

  6. I hope you are having a lovely time! Admin work on vacation is easier with a beach view!

  7. Emmy and Lilli are just the cutest!! I'm glad their bright sparkiness brings such joy to your life.

    As usual, the ministry quilts are both beautiful and sad. A powerful, bittersweet way to give back to a world that is hurting.

  8. I'll be busy trying to find the fabrics I need for various quilt projects that have short due dates.....I'm not sure where they went after the move to my new house last And trying to sneak some sewing in while I'm unpacking and arranging things.


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