Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... May Results and June Goals!

Hi, all!

June has finally arrived, with all the busy summer activities that keep us from sewing as much as we'd like, it seems!  But there's always time for scrap sewing, isn't there?  I'll have to admit that I didn't finish my May project - I've made it to the flimsy stage...

...but haven't been able to put enough time together to get it on the frame for quilting.  Hopefully before the end of June - I'm still considering this one of my scrappy goals for the month!

And today I drew my goal for the month of June....

I don't know when I'll have time to do this, but I'm going to try!  Just for reference, THIS is Tub B...

...2,280 cubic inches packed tight and full of ancient scraps!  It should be interesting to see what's actually in this tub!  Old scrap tubs are treasure trove of goodness, and this one may fit in with the Jurassic World hype as I think it will be quite the excavation!

And while I haven't had much time to do scrap sewing at home, I did get to some at church.  We've been making scrappy jelly roll kits by taking our yardage fabrics, which we store folded on shelves by color, and cutting one strip from each of forty-two fabrics to create a kit.  I made a couple of kits the other day using the white-based low volume fabrics, and sewed one up...

wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I like it!  It's kind of soft and subtle, and there's plenty of flowers to make it sweet and feminine.  Aren't jelly roll race quilts wonderful?

And today I decided to try my hand at scrappy bento boxes (since our string hamper is absolutely overflowing!).  I started with a five inch square for the center, then just went around and around it sewing on strings until the whole thing was about 18" square.  Then I quartered the piece and trimmed all four blocks to 8.5" square.  I managed to do two pieces like that, and rearranged the blocks as shown above.  I think I'll like it more when I get more blocks made, but I think I like it - and it's definitely scrappy!!

So that's what I've been doing with my scraps - want to share what you've been doing?  Link up below and show us your pretties!




  1. The jelly roll quilt is very sweet-the bento box blocks are new to me-intriguing! Nice work on the scrap front!!!

  2. Every time I see your arc denim quilt project progress I think I need to make one. I love this so much and I just need to get the pattern for the arcs and get going. I have so much denim so I love the background and so many scraps for the arcs. You know when you see something over and over and every time you say I have to try that ...that you better do it because you love it. :) thanks for your progress inspiration. I have to go look for that pattern.

    1. The pattern is in Christina Cameli's newest book, called Wedge Quilt Workshop, if I'm remembering correctly. Definitely worth purchasing!

  3. I love your the low volume quilt....I finished one a few months ago, but also have one cut out for travel days, now I'm tempted to pull it out early.

  4. Love your improv bento box blocks! We have bins and bins and bins of strips for the string quilts at church and I'm going to show this to the quilters as an option instead of string blocks. Sew excited!

  5. Best of luck with Bin B, but I've got to tell you that I'm just waiting for you to finish that denim quilt... LOVE it!!

  6. Oh my, that is one packed box of scraps!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it for I know it will be stunning.

  7. I love your jelly roll race quilt! Hugs,

  8. The photo of Bin B made me want to plunge into it up to my elbows! Maybe even up to my shoulders; that's one HUGE bin of scrappy goodness :)
    I made some crumb blocks last week and that was so fun. They take a long time, though. Seems like many happy hours of stitching only yielded 6 8.5" blocks. Oh well, at least it was entertaining!


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