Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But I'm Working On It!

Hi, all!

It's been a crazy week, and while I've been working on my Scrap Attack tub, it's been slow work in between other things that needed to be done.  But it's not been a total waste of time...

I made this table runner and the pillow below from the scraps of the Tanya Whelan line I previewed for Free Spirit Fabrics over a year ago!  These will be offered at the grand opening of a friend's new home decor shop this weekend.

And I finished the turtle quilt - not my scrappy achievement, but definitely a scrappy achievement by the original maker of this fun top!  And now it's ready to entertain several more generations of kids as it has in the past...

I also spotted, out and about, this fabulous bento box quilt....

Just a bento box, right?  But what caught my eye was her description of this quilt - a Binding Bento Box!  What a great way to use up leftover binding!!!

I had thought I'd be able to work on scraps today, but a few things interfered with that process..... like registering for QuiltCon 2019....

...and then, this afternoon this happened!

My 10-year old granddaughter Lilli stepped up to the plate (or more accurately, the belly bar) and quilted for the very first time using my long arm machine!  She did great, too - she didn't hold the handles too tightly, remembered to breathe, and had fun while she was doing it.  She was pretty good, too - her first quilt looked a lot better than mine on the machine!  Of course, she's been running the machine up and down the frame ever since she was little - it was a favorite thing for her to do ever since she was old enough to stand up and reach it - so she had a good feel for it, but I didn't expect her to feel so comfortable right from the start!


So that's my week so far - a little bit of scrap sorting, using up some bits and bobs of an old line that's been hanging around for a while, and of course, registering for QuiltCon 2019!  

What have you been working on this week?  Anything scrappy?  Next week is time to show off June's scrap attack accomplishments - do like me and get busy on those now!!!




  1. Lilli, you are so good, smooth, knowing which way you will go next, and so sure. well done. I can see the long arm will have some sharing times slotted into the schedule.

  2. Nice accomplishments so far this week and congrats to Lilli for doing so well.

  3. I have a few quilt tops that Lilli could practice on.

  4. So nice to see your granddaughter at her creative work so relaxed and calm! We can all take some tips from her attitude!

  5. That is AWESOME!!! Looks like she's a natural. Watch out or she'll be taking over all the longarming!

  6. Love seeing Lilli on the long arm! Best of luck to your friend with her new shop :)

  7. I think Lilli is definitely a natural!! She looks like she is VERY comfortable moving that machine around! Good for her. So glad to see another quilter coming along in the next generation!

    I love that turtle quilt. You did a great job making something new and usable from the old! And a bento box quilt is definitely a great way to use binding, but I cut mine 2-1/4, so would have to adjust something!!

  8. What an exciting scrappy week! I don't know if I'll ever finish my scraps, but then if I did, what would I sew? Oh, I know. I'd come get some from you! LOL Thanks for the link from your blog. That's nice of you. The table runner and pillow will make a lovely display in the new shop.


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