Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hands2Help - Meet our "Clean-Up" Guest Blogger, Kate!!

Hi, all!

Wow! Can you believe that it's already Memorial Day weekend?  And that means that the end of the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2015 is just around the corner!  I know that lots of you have already sent your quilts to the different charities - you are amazing!  And I know that there are still many quilts out there in various stages of near completion - including mine.  So let's tune in to Kate, our guest blogger today, and get inspired to go finish those quilts!!

Hi, I'm Kate................and I'm a College Professor...........
So I blog as 'Kate the Quilting Professor".....

Here is a photo of the TWO quilts I promised for Emily at Happy Chemo...

But when I went to pack them up - the only box I could find was a bit TOO BIG.............

so ???  I had to make TWO MORE  to fill the space in the box !! ha ha

The other guest bloggers have been great, haven't they? 

Well, I get to be last - like a "clean-up hitter" in baseball - the one that makes a big hit, so all the runners who are on base can run home to win the game for the team .....

SO -

Have you finished your H2H quilts ???  YOU HIT A HOME RUN

Are you ALMOST finished with  your H2H quilts ????  YOU'RE ON THIRD BASE


Just starting?? that's ok -YOU'RE ALREADY ON FIRST BASE

So I need to hit a HOME RUN to bring you all home............... let's try a little inspiration, and get some help from some friends...

Be inspired by this fenceful of charity quilts.............made by some friends of mine, and ready to go to our favorite charity.

Be inspired by this beautiful little girl, wrapped in a charity quilt like those above.

She lives in a third-world country, and has just had facial surgery to repair a cleft palette or other facial disfigurement - the surgeons are sponsored by Rotary International.   Children wait years for a chance to have this surgery, which often means the difference between being viewed as an outcast, perhaps being a beggar............. or a chance to have a full life. When she came out of surgery, she was wrapped in this gorgeous quilt, donated by the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild, in cooperation with a great lady named Terri who runs an organization called "Wrap A Smile"  - and we do just that !    The quilt will make her feel warm, safe, and loved............. how cool that a few squares of fabric, some thread, and some batting can make such a positive difference!

That's what it's about, isn't it ?  Making a Difference

The world of QUILTING and QUILTERS is a many-faceted place.  Sometimes it's about competition and ribbons - sometimes it's about swaps and round robins.  Sometimes it's about fancy machines and enormous stashes of fabric.

But ..... sometimes.......... it's about Making a DIFFERENCE.   THANK YOU, SARAH, FOR HELPING US MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 



ps, I can't resist showing you a picture of my small quilt that just came home from the show circuit.... stop by my blog if you'd like to learn more !


Thanks so much, Kate, for your fabulously inspiring guest post!  And thanks for sharing the picture of your small quilt - it's always been one of my favorites.

And now it's crunch time, folks!  Next week begins the final linky party for Hands2Help 2015.  Anytime between next Sunday, May 31st, and the following Saturday, June 6th at noon, you can link up pictures of your finished quilts.  I'll draw winners for all the great giveaway items from the people who link up during that time.  It's also where we'll get the final count of quilts donated this year, so please be sure to link up!!  If you don't have a blog or have a problem linking up, email me your (low resolution) pics and I will be sure they get linked up.

And if life happens, and you run into a problem getting your quilt(s) finished, please email me and we'll try to work something out. I really don't want anyone to miss out because of something unexpected!

Have a great and productive week!




  1. great post - my quilts are done and ready to go but I need to get a post ready and photos before I get them in the mail. Terrific photo of quilts on the fence!!

  2. Great post. Mine is finished and getting packed up this week and on it's way.

  3. What a good heart all of you have. It's a special gift when we send a quilt to someone with good intent sewn into the seams. The blessing is in the wonderment we have of who lies beneath it. Most of the time we never know.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  4. What a good heart all of you have. It's a special gift when we send a quilt to someone with good intent sewn into the seams. The blessing is in the wonderment we have of who lies beneath it. Most of the time we never know.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  5. Such a sweet picture of the quilt recipient. Hopefully it cheered and comforted her as she went through that healing process.
    I think I must be at 2nd base :-) I have 2 borders to place and then get my scrappy quilt quilted. It's going to be a quilty week!

  6. Great quilts, love the pictures. I'm going to try putting denim in a quilt like the 4 patch. Lovely picture of the girl under the quilt.

  7. What a fun post Kate! You've combined two of my favorite things - baseball and quilting. :-) Like you, I had time and fabric, so I made an extra quilt for each of the charities. I can't think of a better use for them. And as always, thanks Sarah for being a great coach - I mean organizer. :-)

  8. Thank you for sharing today - just love the picture of all the quilts on the fence! And no matter what charity is chosen for receiving donations, all quilts do really wrap a smile.

  9. Thanks for the pep talk. (Makes me want to make another quilt.) Looking forward to seeing all the other quilts next weekend.

  10. Third Base for me ... I'll finish binding mine tomorrow. The H2H quilts I've been seeing are AMAZING.

  11. All of you have inspired me. My two quilts are done and prayerfully they are in Canada at their new home waiting to be distributed. I have been blessed by all of you and I truly love the fence picture!

  12. I love your Home Run analogy Kate. And you are so right about how a quilt can make a difference - it is miraculous really.
    We all have a lot to be thankful for and one biggie is that we have you Sarah and that you have given us each an opportunity to make a difference!
    I must go and take a peek at Kate's show quilt.


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