Monday, May 4, 2015

Make-A-List Monday - Pedal to the Metal Time!!

Hi, all!

Can you believe it's May already???  The months seem to go by so fast - but at least it's warm and green outside, instead of snowy and cold! Spring and summer always makes me want to pull out the brighter colors in my stash and play - how about you?

I'm grateful this week to finally have time to do some playing with fabric - last week I had the little girls all week, so not much got done.  Let's see how the week went...

1.  Finalize a design for the stained glass quilt and start quilting.
Done!  I did the straight line quilting on my Juki over the weekend, then loaded it on the frame and started the FMQ this morning.  

Small random meandering in the framing areas...

...and this flame design between the log cabin blocks.

Next up is the graffiti quilting in the big negative space corners!

2.  Keep working on the antique quilt repair.
Still in progress!

3.  Sew the label on Nathanael's quilt before Friday night.
Done - and of course, I didn't take a pic!

4.  Write Friday's blogpost promoting Shannon's new site.
Done!  And there's a giveaway, and you've still got time to enter!!  Hop over to this post and see all about her new site and throw your hat in the ring to win a gift certificate and some other great things!

5.   Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.
Done!  It was a quiet week - just two quilts...

This one went to a very young woman diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer...

...and this one went to a man who had a heart attack and then an acute autoimmune reaction.

I did have a lot of fun spending time with this little scamp...

One of my friends captioned this picture, 
"My parents are coming home WHEN???"

And we had some fun times with this crazy girl as well!  

For those of you interested, the newly expanded family is doing well.  Nathanael is adjusting to having sisters, and the girls are just fascinated with their brother!  

OK, so now let's see what's on tap for the first week of May!

1.  Finish quilting the stained glass quilt.

2.  Keep working on repairing the antique quilt.

3.  Work on the pennant quilt tutorial.
(My niece told me about a great FREE drafting program that may help me do some of the needed diagrams for this tutorial - I can't wait to give it a try!)

4.  Keep up with any ministry needs that come up.

A short list again this week because I really need to get the stained glass quilt off the quilt frame!  I want to do something really special with the quilting, but that means that the frame is tied up for working on anything else.  Pedal to the metal quilting for the next few days!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Hi Sarah, The quilt I'm making for Hands2Help is taking space on my quilting machine, too! I really enjoy the quilting part, so I should just get to it! Loading the machine is my not-so-favorite part.

    If the free drafting software works well for graphics, please share that with us!

  2. I'm glad to see that you were able to accomplish something.

  3. I'm amazed that you've gotten anything done, this is such a great time for the family, how many times a day to you call? :)

  4. I really am surprised you got anything done while you had your granddaughters with you - but now that they are back with their parents I expect you will be very busy as always! now that I have the garden planted I have a flower bed to do and maybe I can get back to my sewing in between other things.

  5. How you got so much done while on 'grand' duty! The stain glass quilt is looking stunning. I need to get into mode of finishing - lots of quilts waiting the 'quilting' time.

  6. It seems like you got a ton accomplished, even with taking care of your grandgirls. Love those photos of your scamp and crazy girl! I bet they are pretty happy to have a brother to play with.
    The flame FMQ design is great Sarah! It seems to make the stained glass look of the quilt even more spiritual.

  7. Looks like the little girls had a good time at Grammy's. Love the quilts you ladies gave away... especially the 9 patch - nice colors.

    Well, one thing I'm not working on is the Sweet 16 Good Night Irene... I finished that yesterday! I know, I'm surprised to have it done before a deadline. This week I'm catching up on other projects that were set aside... POD block is not done for today, and I've only done one butterfly for the RSC. I'm months behind on the Snowball & 9 Patch and the Bitty block row along.. I just bit off too much AGAIN. There's another wedding coming up in Oct, too, that I want to get done early - in case I move again. So this week I'm taking pictures of the quilt and sending it off to Em for the Happy Chemo. AAAAAAAAAh.

  8. You got lots done and those girls are adorable.

  9. Your stained glass quilt looks wonderful! Lovely to do list you have there.
    I'm brushing off my blog this week :) First making a list of the things I want to blog about over the next weeks. Also working on a small cross stitch project and starting a baby quilt.


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