Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I May Have A Scrap Problem... May Goals and Small Inspiration Projects

Hi, all!

It's the merry month of May, and time for a new scrappy challenge!  I think I'm going to continue my goal from last month, which was to take this tub full of blue scraps...

...and get it all pressed and folded, pulling out the strings for string blocks, and cutting pieces for another scrap quilt.  I did pull the pieces and make another quilt - this pretty orange peel quilt...

...and the strings are separated, but my string bucket is so full, I left them in the blue tub.  Here's what it looks like right now...

...still awfully full!  So this month I'd like to make at least one more quilt out of this tub, plus some string blocks to add to the pile, and maybe cut some more 2.5" x 5.5" blocks to add to the green ones I cut in March.  That should bring this tub down to a manageable level, and then I can move on to another color!  I spotted this quilt earlier this week, and it's calling my name - maybe this will be what I work on in May!

So that's my goal for the month of May.  What are you hoping to do with your scraps?


And now for some inspiration - but I thought I'd go small this time. Here are some of my favorite small projects using scraps that I found out and about this month!

Check out this cute tiny pincushion - a very quick little project!

And isn't this a clever idea?  The perfect clock for your sewing studio!

And look at this adorable alphabet - it would use not only fabric scraps, but batting scraps, too!  I really need to make a set of these for my grandkids....

There are so many babies being born right now, these bibs would be a great quick scrap project!

I love rope baskets, and this one made with fabric wrapped rope is so cool!  

And check out this neat piece made with fabric leaf shapes and wire.  I can totally see this in my entry hall!

I have several paper bead necklaces which I love to wear, but if they get wet, they tend to disintegrate.  These beads made with fabric are so colorful, and I want to try making some, experimenting with techniques that might make them less likely to ravel!

And of course, Crazy Mom Quilts is the queen of the scrap project - I love this pillow cover she made recently, and her pincushions are just perfect!  She did 100+ scrap projects last year on her blog, and is working on it again this year, so she's always a great inspiration for not only scrappy quilts, but smaller projects as well.

Are you feeling inspired yet?


And now it's your turn - you can link up below and share your own goals for May!  Even if it's just a small goal about dealing with your scraps, it's something to work towards - and even baby steps get the job done sooner or later!  The linky will remain open until next Tuesday night, so I hope you'll take time to link up!




  1. I can totally see how that cathedral window quilt would call your name. Can you link the pattern? I would love to have a go at is aswell

  2. The Cathedral Window will eat up a lot of scraps - and they are pretty.

  3. Feeling inspired, but not prepared for the work of tidying up the scraps so I can work with them. LOL

  4. I need to get more serious about my scrap problem!

  5. Your blue orange peel quilt is wonderful!
    Hoping to make more string blocks see if I can get all those strings and strips to a more manageable size.

  6. The front and back of that quilt is so gorgeous, you may not have a scrap problem if you make it, :) I bet Lara's idea would work great on fabric beads, I may need to try that.

  7. I love the blue orange peel quilt!!

  8. fun project ideas! The clock is cute and I love the string basket/bowls. Think I'm going to make a bowl soon. I'm working on my H2H quilt...going with a 16 patch again but am getting more inspired to pull out pieces from my stash to cut up and make more scrappy designs.

  9. Oh, I love that reversible quilt! We live in a small home, and I had considered that reversible quilts would be a way to contain the quantity of quilts, but not put too many limits on my making. Now to see if I can find out more.

  10. I have that scrappy pillow and the alphabet on my "to do" list already. Maybe I will work on those this month too!

  11. These projects are beautiful

  12. All great projects--but my heart picks that orange peel one to envy lol hugs, Julierose

  13. Pretty cathedral window quilt, like how it is revisible. Good luck, we will see how you do.


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