Monday, May 23, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - Whirling With Possibility!

Hi, all!

Welcome to a brand new week!  There's so much possibility in a new week - do you have big plans for yours?  I'm hoping to scale back just a little bit - I had way too many different things going on last week and I felt spread a bit too thin - but my mind is whirling with all the possibilities!

Speaking of last week, here's a recap of how my week went on my to-do list....

1.  Quilt the Gum Wrapper Quilt.
Done!  This quilt will be going to Happy Chemo as part of the Hands2Help Challenge!

2.  Quilt a baby quilt I made at church Wednesday night.
Done!  This was a fun little quilt to make - and it was a collaborative effort with my friend Deb.

3.  Finish the alphabet letters for the younger grandkids.
Done!  They're really enjoying playing with them, and I'm impressed at how well they already know their letters - in two languages!  English and ASL! I feel like a slacker because I still get D and F mixed up (in ASL!)

4.  Make my Lady Skater dress.
Done!  I managed to squeak this one in today!

5.  Quilt an H2H quilt for a participant from the UK.
Done!  This was a pleasure to quilt - such a pretty thing!

6.  Pick a winner for the Crafted Appliqué giveaway!
Done!  Monica will be enjoying her own copy soon!  Check it out if you haven't already - there are lots of giveaways going on right now as part of the blog hop...

7.  Organize the prizes for H2H and get ready for the final week!
Mostly done - just a few more things to get organized!  Be sure to take a look at all the beautiful quilts that have been made and donated to Happy Chemo, Covered In Love, and The Yukon Women's Transition Center.  

8.  Camp on someone's internet and write a few blogposts...
Done!  Thank heavens the new billing month started last Saturday - I was starting to get stares at the Starbucks at Target!

9.  Start working on a new commission to make a t-shirt quilt.
Done!  The design is planned, the shirts are chosen, now all I have to do is figure up the fabric requirements and write up a quick estimate!  

10.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  A fairly easy week, with three quilts being given away...

This quilt went to a woman who was just diagnosed with lung cancer...

This quilt went to a gentleman going through some difficulties...

And this one went to a woman who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Whew!  It was a very busy and rather disjointed week - way too many things going on!  I hope I can be a little more focused this week...  So here's what's on tap for the week!

1.  Write up the estimate for the t-shirt quilt.

2.  Finish another quilt-y alphabet for a friend.

3.  Stay on top of the Hands2Help linky week (posting quilt pics, answering emails, general administrative stuff!)

4.  Work on another scrappy quilt top.

5.  Prepare for another giveaway this coming Friday! 
(You won't want to miss this one!!)

6.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

It sure feels like a skinny week, but the Hands2Help stuff is kicking my butt at the moment - and it takes precedence this week!  It's really exciting seeing all the beautiful quilts that are being linked up - quilters are amazingly generous people!!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. #1, a surprise for a friend, #2, maybe something with selvages as I was the "such a lucky winner" for the e-book. #3, sew husband some merino tops and ling johns, #4, not sure if I can do anything past #3 and that will be stretching things a lot.Your ministry and H2H quilts, so lovely and I'm sure so appreciated, and congrats to Monica, I am sure this book will be well read and new projects on the way very soon.

  2. I always feel like I have too much going on, then I see all that you did in a week and think "I could do more", LOL.

  3. I need to sew backings for two quilts one to get ready for the hand quilting frame and one to machine quilt on my Juki -- I need to do a lot more but I haven't a clue how much I will get done with ! Good luck on your list

  4. Last week I had only one main goal, to finish the quilt for my husbands birthday and he so loves it, so smiles there. I also added two new pages to my blog. This week I want to make half the blocks for my new bluebell woods improv quilt and appliqué 10 blocks for my circles quilt, as well as attending my monthly quilting group. I also have one critique left to do for the new bloggers blog hop, this is the hardest part of the process.

  5. Thanks so much for the positive feedback on my blog. The quilts you make for various people facing difficult times are wonderful. Bless you!

  6. Wow! You had a really busy week last week! I enjoyed watching your Gum Wrapper quilt come together on IG. It sounds like this week will be a breeze compared to last week!

  7. I'm really enjoying the H2H quilts in the linky post! So much variety and talent.

    This week we'll be renting a car and driving to Virginia to sell our old motorhome, so not much sewing for me, alas!

  8. Shhhhhh - it's a secret. I don't think my Granddaughter will see this note though. I'm making another cloth book. This time for my Great Grandboy. I'm making pictorial pages of paper piecing. First one is a teddy bear - just the head. It'll be for a very Unbirthday.

  9. I'm catching up on The Splendid Sampler blocks and I need to get started on a t-shirt commissioned quilt. It's my first and I want to buy a couple of different stabilizers to figure out which one I like best. Any recommendations?

  10. Thank you, Sarah, for finding time in your very busy schedule to help us technoically challenged participate in H2H. I promise to figure out how to do it myself before next year.

  11. Make a letter d on your right hand (ASL). Put it down on the table or a piece of paper. It looks just like a d you print, right? F doesn't at all. Does this help?


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