Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I May Have A Scrap Problem... But This Should Help!!!!

Hi, all!

I have decided that it's time to get serious about my scraps again, and just last week I found a really great way to use some of them up!  So here's what came in the mail yesterday...

If you've ever seen any of Jen Kingwell's other patterns, you'll understand the appeal of this one.  You may be familiar with her My Small World pattern...

...or her Gypsy Wife design...

I absolutely adore both these patterns, and have actually started on three My Small World quilts for the grandkids (someday!)  I love the way Jen uses lots of different blocks combined together to create these wonderful sampler quilts.  They are appealing to me because I get bored making the same block over and over - this gives me plenty of variety to keep my interest!

So I decided to start on my own Long Time Gone quilt.  There are thirteen different block designs in this quilt. Most are simple patchwork; there is a template for the 60 degree triangles in the book, and also a paper-piecing template for a pineapple block. here are no curved seams in this quilt, making it fairly simple, even for a new quilter!

Today I started with the first block in the book, the Bow Tie block.  I started out by cutting my pieces from fabric in my scrap bins...

...then sewed the blocks up as directed!

I had a little more time to work, so I decided to cut out the pieces for the next block in the book, Square In A Square Stars.

I didn't have a chance to sew this one up yet, but it's all ready when I get a few minutes to sit down and sew!  I love having things ready and waiting...

This pattern book is set up so well for working a project over a long period of time.  Each block is well explained and diagrammed, and the pattern is printed in an 8.5" x 11" book format.  These patterns are expensive, but I've found them to be worth the cost.  There's plenty of room to make notes on each page, too!


So that's what I'm planning to work on now to help tame my scrap monster.  With any kind of luck I should be able to post new blocks each week and have it done in a couple of months?  Let's see how that works out...  šŸ˜œ

What are you working on these days to keep your scrap monster under control?  Enquiring minds want to know!!



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  1. love the small world quilt have seen a couple made rather you than me making 3 of them best of luck. Scrappy project looks interesting. I have been looking at 15 minutes of play by V F Wolfe that is using scraps in an improv way and is an excellent book and yesterday discovered she is giving a talk at the festival of quilts show in august must go and hear that

  2. Prepping is most excellent to utilize time. I am working thru FQ bundles and Fat 8's bundles that I have won,bought or been gifted. Letting them sit tightly bundled isn't good for them and some are a few years old - TIME TO USE.

  3. Lovely bow tie effect, and the way you have used the fabric colours. 3 grandies, wow that is a mission, but those quilts will be treasures.

  4. Love her quilts, but the complexity of all those blocks is beyond my attention span and mental capacity. Have fun!

  5. I just got that book too! are you following the quilt along that is on a quilting site right now? I had thought I would then I lost the address & name of it :) I will probably just do at my own speed as I rarely can seem to do something when the project is supposed to be done over a period of months. I always end up rushing through instead of little by little

  6. I am doing this one too, such a fun way to use up favorite scraps!!

  7. I have two scrap projects going now, plus trying to use up some larger pieces of stash.

  8. I have run across photos of the Gypsy Wife quilt before...maybe on Pinterest. I've always admired it! I especially like your Bow Tie blocks and how they form a circle. That's genius! I'm using up my scraps right now making more Crazy Rail blocks and getting ready for a swap with friends.

  9. That looks like a fun quilt to make and should help with your scraps!

  10. Who do you think you're kidding? Making that quilt will be a lot of fun, and it will be a gorgeous quilt. But it won't make a dent in your scraps! It is IMPOSSIBLE to make any significant dent in your scraps unless you have several people working out of your scrap pile simultaneously, using ONLY scraps, no new fabrics, making queen sized quilts!

  11. I'm doing this one, too, with Marti Michell, gnomeangel, and snipssnippets. You're not too late to get in n the prizes as they have just extended the deadline for the bow tie blocks!! It will be a real test to see if I can keep up, but it sure is good motivation to move along!! Love your scraps!


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