Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I May Have A Scrap Problem... A Challenge For You!

Hi, all!

Well, Wednesday has rolled around, and I'm up to my armpits in alligators - but I didn't want to let the day pass by without a scrappy post!  So today I want to give you a challenge...

Have you been putting off using your scraps for far too long?  I can give your scraps a purpose that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling long after you finish making your scrappy quilt...

This Sunday (March 12th) marks the beginning of the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2017!  You can join in the fun of making quilts, choosing from one (or more) of three different charities, and find a home for your scraps where they will be loved and appreciated.

Need inspiration?  Look back on the "I May Have A Scrap Problem..." posts, or on the "Stunning Stars" posts...

Scour Pinterest for scrappy quilts (it's full of them!)  Dig into those tubs of scraps and put them to good use!  Can't you hear them calling you right now.... "Use me... Use me!!"  

There will be giveaways associated with the Challenge (although the biggest benefit is that warm fuzzy feeling...)

Are you up to it?  Come back Sunday and sign up!




  1. I'm in...and do I have a lot of scraps!

  2. I'm in, too! Looking forward to my third year.

  3. gee let me check and see if i have enough scraps....(tee hee)

  4. Hmm... Does any charity you donate a quilt to count for this?

  5. I love the rail fence quilt. I wonder if I have enough scraps to make one. Lol. Count me in for H2H.

  6. I'm raring to go! I've got scrappy plans for H2H :)

  7. I'm wanting to join in, but I already have a few committments, including a bed-sized quilt to a program for former foster kids at my alma mater. Does it need to be one of your lovely star quilts? Or can I whip out a pattern I'm familiar with and know I can accomplish in the amount of time I'll have free?

    And I love a couple of your star quilts and will make them at some point, but sometimes new is not fast for me.

  8. YES ! here, scrappy, scrappy, come to mama !!

  9. I finished my first quilt, of the 3 I hope to get done, yesterday. Fairly scrappy and almost all from my stash.


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