Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Use Up Those Orphans!

Hi, all!

Well, I still have a scrap problem, and I haven't had much time to work on correcting it in the last month... but I did have two finishes in the last couple of weeks that kept some things from making their way into the scrap bin, so I'm calling that a win!!

First up, two pillows made from the HSTs left over from my most recent Supernova quilt...

Rather than throw them in the orphan block bin, I decided to take a few minutes and sew them up into pillow covers.  By doing the straight line quilting on my long arm, I was able to quilt them up really quickly, and an envelope closure on the back and some binding to finish the edge made this a fast finish - and they match the quilt!

Then, I had leftover wedges from my Wedge Play quilt, and the shape was so interesting, I really wanted to save them rather than toss them... so I took off the smallest part of the wedge and put sashing between them, then assembled them into a pretty table runner I call Chopsticks!

The straight line quilting on this took a bit longer - I did it on my tabletop machine, and actually did matchstick quilting in the sashing between the wedges to make the prints stand out more.  That takes a lot of time - - - and thread!  But it's so worth it.

And it's so nice to have some new pieces to decorate my house instead of more scraps in my scrap bin!!  


I also want to share a really unique version of one of the Stunning Stars quilts made by Meredith!

I really love the way she used the bonus HSTs to create the pinwheels in her border - way to go, Meredith!  Wish I'd thought of that myself!!

Now - go forth and slay that scrap monster!!




  1. Wow, what a productive use of scraps. They both look fabulous. Matchstick quilting is great.

  2. Always love Chopsticks. That fabric is very cute. 'Love the matchstick quilting also. It really does highlight the prints.

  3. Chopsticks is wonderful, and all the quilting has well and truly paid off.

  4. Great use of your scraps!!! Lovely projects.

  5. What inspiration you have shown with those scraps!
    Straight line quilting is so attractive. Love that wedge scrap table runner!

  6. It was me, with the scrappy stars quilt! Thanks for the great pattern and inspiration!

    1. Meredith, beautiful quilt and great border. Sarah was right :-) Unique and clever!

  7. Yay for using up those scraps! I love using collection scraps to make smaller quilty items. I love both! Your Chopsticks quilt is really impressive though. That is a lovely show of creativity! Perfect quilting choice!

  8. Hah! I'm working to slay the scrap monster, but OMG. He rears his ugly head and soon makes things overwhelming. Breath in, breath out. One step at a time. However, there are just so many hours in a day. Love your pillows and runner - so much better than a scrap jar.

  9. I love that Chopsticks runner so much! Meredith's Stars with the pinwheel border is too cute!

  10. Pretty nice pillows and table runner! Yay for using up scraps! I've been challenging myself to make zippered pouches with some of mine. It's pretty interesting what you can come up with after a little thought! Enjoy your evening!

  11. I love her bonus pinwheels, and that flower arrangement of the HSTs works brilliantly for a pillow, with the shaping of the edges as they curve around playing it up.


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